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Create Water That Hydrates For Perfect PH In Your Body!

Water Warriors!

Super-Hydrate and Energize Your Body with Help from Water Warriors!

Lasting many years, these small Water Warriors create water that is wonderfully moisturizing, and is absorbed immediately so that every cell (be it human, animal or plant) is properly hydrated. This is significant to healing, and to the maintenance of your health!

Water Warriors produce a super-hydrating and far superior moisturizer compared to common water.The water will enhance your nutrient absorption as wells as toxin elimination, and therefore improve your health. Treating your water with Water Warriors improves the oxidation-reduction potential of your water – it will reduce the effect of damaging free radicals in your body. Water Warriors raises the pH of your water to help you normalize the pH of your body.

Water Warriors also lower the surface tension of your water, improving its solvent capacity so that it may carry off toxins more effectively and deliver nutrients at an improved rate.

Every time Water Warriors go down the drain, water restoration in the area begins. We can help clean the waters on Earth; one person, one septic tank, one sewer system, one river or lake at a time.

Other Water Warriors Uses: Clean or soak your fruits & vegetables to enhance flavor. Restore dried fruits. Spray on produce to extend freshness and for added moisture. Spray & wipe counters and sinks to clean. Add to a humidifier, as breathing Water Warrior vapor helps people with a sinus or lung problem. It repels black mould, and helps eliminate odors, creating a healthier indoor environment!

Warrior Water will extend the life of fresh cut flowers, and improve the health and growth of your plants and pets!

Water Warriors! Directions For Use:

Prior to initial use rinse the whole mesh bag in water to
remove excess dust. Place the mesh bag of Water Warriors in a one
gallon class or glazed ceramic container, fill with drinking
water and let sit for 12 to 24 hours to build up initial charge.

You may pour off up to three quarters of the water volume to
use as needed. Refill with drinking water. The charge will
rebuild within one hour. You can repeat this for several years,
many times each day.

If the bag of Water Warriors will not fit through the opening of your
container, remove some of the Warriors from the bag or pour the
in loose. Approximately 2 to 3 oz of Water Warriors will treat one
gallon of water. Add more bags in larger containers.

If the water is charged for more than a week, it may taste
metallic. It is still safe to drink, but may produce a strong
energizing effect. You may discard the water and start the
charging process again.

Refrigeration will slow down the charging process that is
powered by natural water molecule movement. Processed
water may be refrigerated in a separate container.

Drink & cook with it, bathe in it, and feed it to pets or plants.
Water made from Water Warriors detoxifies your body, so it is advisable to
start with small amounts, and build up to consuming 2 quarts (or more) a day.

Experience Is Your Proof!

Here are a few simple ways to demonstrate the qualities of Water Warriors!

1. Mix two cans of orange or other frozen juice of your choosing, one with Warrior Water and the other with untreated water, and compare the taste.

2. Set a bowl of Warrior Water alongside a bowl of the source water for a dog or cat and let them judge.

3. Freeze some Warrior Water and use it with your favorite beverage. Try a drink made with Warrior Water ice cubes and compare it to one with ordinary ice.

4. Take a couple plants and water one with your source water and another with Warrior Water. This takes a bit longer, but the results will be unmistakable.

5. If you burn yourself, wet the burn with Warrior Water, do this every time the pain returns and you will know for sure that you are dealing with a really great cellular moisturizer.

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