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airport scanners and pregnancy

The metal detectors are thought to be safe, but the full body scanners (where you spread your legs and hold your arms above your head), are being debated. They are radiation, but it should be weak enough that it doesn't go through your skin. The TSA says they are safe, but researchers who specialize in imaging and radiation say that they are not.

Last week I refused to go through a full body scanner (for privacy reasons and pregnancy reasons). If you get the alternate "advanced patdown", you'll have to be prepared to have them grope your breasts and genitalia, and to put their hands down your pants to see if you have any explosives.

My sister is a dr, and she pointed out that radiation exposureat any levelis cumulative through your lifetime. So even if the radiation levels of the scanners are really low now, you're starting your baby's radiation exposure very early when you go through those scanners. Even if it wouldn't cause immediate harm to my baby, I'd opt for the patdown instead of the scan. For that matter, I don't think I'd let my older kids go through the scanner, either. I know there are already horror stories of stripsearching 10yearolds, but I'd rather deal with that than expose my kids to unnecessary radiation. Actually, I'm just thankful we have no plans to fly any time soon, esp with the kids.

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