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domestic flooring market is not yet mature, in addition to individual high-end products, the market is not particularly well-known enterprises, still in the early branding, industry dispersion, resulting in serious plagiarism, enterprises lack self-discipline, in recent years a number of "cottage floors" were removed from the market floor disrupt the normal market order. Mention the word "cottage", which can be described as pervasive in China in various fields, being copied, while some others are copying, plagiarism becomes tacit behavior, many brands, the lack of well-known brands, but also allow consumers not easy to distinguish between true and false.

Resulting in a lot of unspoken rules flooring brand composite outdoor deck material showrooms are resolutely defending allowed to take photographs marked label, but then a strong defense can not stop "cottage floor" imitation footsteps. Flooring industry is a traditional industry, its development has also been a lot of influence of traditional culture, from the floor of the West blindly copying things beginning to combining Chinese and Western, foreign, itself already contains too many copycat factor. And the initial stage of the cottage cultural development in the flooring industry, the development of the flooring industry has played a certain role. For those who can not afford high-level floor of consumers, the cottage floor provides a product suitable for their price, although the quality is difficult to guarantee, but better than nothing. It is precisely because there is a lot of demand, only the cottage floor living space. This is perhaps the floor of the cottage "achievements" on it.

Therefore, the "cottage" for the flooring industry, is a contradiction. There are some cheap flooring on the market very attractive to consumers. But these inexpensive floor they use low-grade sheet, the case is likely to have high levels of formaldehyde appears. Floor quality depends largely on the ground level deck slopequality of the material, small factories producing cheap flooring reason, in addition to simple processing equipment outside (some small factory even mention what kind of equipment), the most important is cheap plate costs. Many small factory workshops in order to reduce costs, the use of low-grade sheet with impunity, not only harm the interests of consumers, but also seriously affected the healthy development of the entire flooring industry.

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