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锘? According to foreign media reports Cheap China Jerseys , France and the United States, scientists have said they recently at a height of 3200 meter peaks in a mock trial on the use of high-energy laser device to pass by a laser pulse thunderstorm, the first successful manufacturers in nature the artificial lightning. Manufacture of artificial lightning by laser In the latest issue of "Optics Letters" journal, scientists at the University of Lyon in France and the United States, researchers announced that they jointly released the latest test case. Jim Lyon, France University - Casparian is the head of the study, said in the famous Benjamin - the modern version of Franklin's kite experiment, the researchers at New Mexico high 10,500 feet (about 3200 m), the top South Bodi Feng placed a mobile laser to the launch of two laser pulses through a thunderstorm, the results produced in the cloud lightning activity. Jim - Casparian said, "The New Mexico experiment, we did not really extend to the ground from the air and produce a comprehensive lightning Cheap Jerseys , but really created a cloud of small partial discharge current. This work shows Artificial lightning flash in advance. This is the use of laser beams caused by lightning the most important first step, we issued the first time in a lightning storm clouds threatened. " The formation of a large number of laser pulses of air plasma filament, or ionization channels, which play a similar extension to the thunder clouds in the lead role. Casparian research team used the laser in the vicinity of the plasma channel produced a small partial discharge, but this discharge is not strong enough, it can not be formed to guide the way to ground lightning longevity of filamentary. The team now plans to increase the energy of laser pulses to generate more lightning. Legend Benjamin - Franklin To understand the principle of lightning in the storm days, using kites will be key to ascend into heaven to attract lightning, but whether this experiment has been difficult to trace what he has done. He used the knowledge to master the invention of the electric lightning rod to protect the building was not struck by lightning. Laser weapons powerful lightning Scientists used to generate the laser is not the first method of artificial lightning, 80s of the 20th century, scientists have thunder clouds over the launch of small rockets, rocket wrapped them in a long wire and its ground connection to triggered lightning. Scientists had also in the laboratory using an ordinary microwave oven generated through ball lightning. Deliberately triggered lightning lightning help scientists understand the formation of internal mechanisms to help engineers tested the aircraft lightning sensors and transmission lines. In recent years, laser lightning began to be more and more countries use in the military field, in this aspect of the American scientists in the forefront of the world. Previously held in Europe Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys , the optical annual meeting, American scientists to show the world produced with laser weapons, charged air thereby creating the possibility of lightning, the specific way with ultra-high energy, there is time to calculate femtosecond (1 femtosecond equals 1000000000000000 per second) of the laser to do "Introduction." American University of New Mexico expert for the phenomenon of lightning discharges - Claude - Diels said that femtosecond laser can provide 100 trillion watts of pulse, air ionization, to become clouds. Leads the Lightning with a femtosecond laser exploding over the goals, it will radiate intense electromagnetic pulse, so that within a radius of several kilometers of the aircraft, radar, computer, TV, phone Wholesale NFL Jerseys , mobile phones and other electronic devices almost all does not work, or even the infliction of serious physical injury is difficult to restore. If the target appears in the air, found the enemy fighters, two high-energy lasers can match. The two high-energy laser, a high potential of laser injection, while another high-energy laser shot from the low-potential ground laser to form a discharge circuit. The high-energy laser that can produce an instant hit in the aircraft, missiles and other aerial targets. With a femtosecond laser to control the lightning will greatly facilitate the development of lightning weapons. Rocket because different people can be fired repeatedly in a short time-intensive laser. Diels and his colleagues are concentrating on the lightning weapons. He believes that manufacturing is the key to lightning weapons, air ionization, that is charged with a laser generated air channel. High-energy laser laser, through the conductive channel discharge (lightning) and the release of tremendous energy. Strong currents, electromagnetic pulse produced by sound waves and discharge can produce damaging effects on the target, destroy target to lightning strikes like the same effect. Diels intention of this femtosecond laser transmitter mounted on a small truck or van, taken place to produce electronic thunderstorms. Florida Institute of Technology researcher Joseph lightning effects - Douilliere that in addition to the National Science Foundation funding Wholesale Jerseys China , they engaged in lightning research also received financial assistance from the U.S. Department of Defense. Author's Resource Box

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