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The Difference Between European Fashion Trends American Trends Hello, and welcome. I'm Liz Everett, total image stylist and beauty guru with Liz Ever ett Style. Today we'll be talking about European versus American fashion. You have to remember that fashion at its core is about composition and silhouette. One of the things that I love about European fashion is that it's often very complicated in its delivery and in the silhouette that European fashion loves in a woman. The top two fashion weeks in Europe are Paris and Milan. Designers like Misani and Bargielska really execute an incredible silhouette for women and kind of bring you back to a sense of romance in their gowns and even in their everyday fashions. If you look at the every day fashions that are on the streets of Paris it's just amazing cheap moncler jackets outlet in the delivery of even what I found a picture of a woman who had a Mickey Mouse shirt on and it was a great t shirt but it was well fitted, a red pencil skirt and kind of a ball cap twisted sideways and I thought wow that's such a great twist on that outfit. But in America we have on a moncler jackets outlet pair of jeans with a ball cap and no glitz and glam with it. We just be going out with the girls. So when you're thinking about American fashion, you're thinking about our top two fashion weeks which are New York and Los Angeles. You're thinking about a totally simplified take on what fashion is and even what its delivery is in the silhouette that Ralph Lauren and Rachel Zoe who has a brand new label out for her designer wear. And you really have to think about the simplicity with which Americans love fashion. If you look at Tommy Hilfiger's ads there's always a sense of simple preppiness that kind of comes across in that ad and you love that all American delivery of who we are as a people but also who we are as a nation that does love fashion. So when you're thinking about what makes you fashionable and you're thinking about whether or not you want your complicated line or whether or not you want to be a lover of cheap moncler jackets simplicity. Just think about what makes you fabulous. 

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