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Comment by Drs Joshua and Sherilyn Smith on June 4, 2009 at 2:21pm
What an amazing story and a happy ending! Thank God that they the woman went to get that checked out and the Doctor's caught it in time. It is wonderful that this woman is an Advocate for woman with cancer. This was God's plan for her. I pray that she has a good recovery and pray that her and her family has the love, strength, and support to go on. I also pray for every person in this world who are going through this. This story touched me.

I have a true heart-felt story to tell. My daughter, 4 years ago had a speech therapist that came to our home and had one on one with my daughter 2 times a week in 2005. My daughter was 2 at the time. Ms. Brodaus was her name and she was excellent in helping my daughter and loved her like she was her own daughter. She bought my daughter stuffed animals and had treats for her when she would see her.

In 2006, my daughter was of age and was beginning to start head start and Ms. Brodaus was no longer needed to be my daughter's speech therapist. Ms. Brodaus still kept in touched with us off and on. The last time I had seen her was at a grocery store in the spring of 2007. I remember her saying, that she has been busy lately and asked me if I wanted to go and have brunch one day. Months and months had passed and wondered why I didn't hear from her? I called her on her cell phone and she never called back?

So, one day I tried calling her phone and it was somewhere in September or October of 2007 and she finally answered the phone. She apologized and said that she had been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. I was feeling sad, felt sorry for her, and I cried. She said that she had been in and out getting treatments for Chemo and it was really taking a lot out of energy out of her. She was out of town getting these treatments when I called and talked with her and she said she would call when she got back home. The last words she said to me was how was my girl doing (my daughter) and she said to give her a kiss for me. I told her I will keep her in my prayers, God is good, and you will get better.

Months went by. I didn't want to keep calling her thinking, that I would bother her in her treatments? Around January or 2008 and February 2008, I had left messages with her mother-in-law and left another message for her nurse to give to her at another time. I didn't hear from her in months and tried to call her cell phone number to check on her and found out, her phone number was changed? I was worried and didn't have her home phone number at the time. Months went by and I prayed and prayed that she was doing ok? September or October of 2008. I felt something wrong and had to find out for myself if she had died. I checked the Obituaries and sure enough, she had passed in May of 2008.

I was hurt and cried because I had to found out this way, wasn't there for her funeral, didn't have the chance to say how much I loved her, and didn't had the chance to say good-bye? I was grieving for a long time and it took me a while to stop crying. I had to pull my self together and say, "God has her now, she is not suffering no more, and she is in good hands".

I guess Ms. Broduas didn't find out till late about her Ovarian Cancer and all odds were against her. She was active and looked to be in good health the last time I had seen her? I will never forget, on Christmas of 2006 I baked X-Mas cookies for her and her family. I remember her giving me all these tin cans for my cookies, because I didn't have enough tin to put all my cookies in to give to other people. I was really appreciative of that. There was one time, she had asked me to do a favor for her. I baked a macaroni casserole for her to take to her church, for the married couples that she would counsel. Just to name some of things we use to do for one another.

She was not just my daughter's speech therapist but a good-hearted friend. Mrs. Broadus and family was a tight nit family. They were all active in the church, she loved her two young boys and was so proud of them both and she loved her husband so much. Ms. Broduas had a passion for teaching and helping children with delayed speech, and she was a marriage counselor. What a beautiful, intelligent, caring, and loving woman she was. I will never forget her and neither will my daughter. With Ms. Brodaus's help, my daughter today has imporved in her speech. She would be real proud of her! "Thank You Ms. Broduas"!!!!!! I miss her. The tears from my eyes are pouring with emotion right now. I had to tell and I still tell to help me get through. I know this was long but I had to share my story with you all.

It is IMPORTANT to get regular check-ups, take good care of yourself, and be aware of Ovarian Cancer or any other cancer's. But most importantly believe, trust, and have faith in "GOD"! It says in the "Bible" we must lay down our family members in order for God to help and bless others. I truly believe that because I know that Ms. Broduas's family are blessed with so much love and support! God bless you all!

R.I.P. Ms. Sheila Broadus

Love Always,
Michelle M (Pittsburgh, PA)
Comment by Drs Joshua and Sherilyn Smith on November 20, 2009 at 12:46am
Comment by Drs Joshua and Sherilyn Smith on December 16, 2009 at 11:12am
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Comment by Drs Joshua and Sherilyn Smith on December 25, 2009 at 3:47am

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