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Herbs/Herbal Combinations: TRU Chocolate; Ginkgo biloba (three times per day); Slippery Elm; Aloe Vera; Mustard Seeds; Fenugreek; Garlic; Moringa and Ashitoba; Nutravex, Biozyte, and Omegazol; Ultimate Detox;and, Elite Probiotics (as directed).


Considerations: Stainless steel and glassware; High fiber (live foods, i.e. 50 - 75% raw organic fruits and vegetables); Lots of Cilantro; Brown rice; Lentils; Red Potatoes; Mixed variety beans; Salmon; Raw almonds and Pistachios (unsalted); Skinlesss turkey or white chicken breast; Low-fat yogurt; Ion Ways Athena water; Regular moderate exercise; Deep breathing exercises (When awake hold breath for 30 seconds every 1/2 hour for 30 days); and Eat six small meals, daily. Go on an elimination diet for allergies; Chelation for heavy metals; Supplement with B6 (pyridoxine) and magnesium.


Eliminate wheat and wheat products; alcohol; caffeine; canned and packaged foods; carbonated beverages; chocolate (only exception, TRU Chocolate); all junk foods; refined and processed foods; salt (except sea salt); sugar (except xylitol and natural fruit); sweets; saturated fats; soft drinks; and, white floor from diet.


Avoid mercury (tuna fish); lead (plumbing pipes and paint); metal (copper) jewelry, containers and utensils; artificial colors and preservatives; fatty foods, such as bacon, cold cuts, fried foods, gravies, ham, luncheon meats, sausage; and, all diary products (except plain yogurt).


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