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Directfb font tutorial #284#

DirectFB's text writing. example aiming to display some texts on the screen, inspired by DirectFB own tutorial. This font comes from :














directfb documentationdirectfb examples



Drawing and blitting operation in DirectFB is performed from/to surfaces. .. CPU/GPU, surface type flags, e.g. Layer or Font, and other criteria that will be added. 23 Nov 2010 DirectFB is a thin library that provides hardware graphics acceleration, input device You should have already done the hello world tutorial. Reference Manual - 1.8.0. DirectFB Reference, API Overview IDirectFBFont, Font interface for getting metrics, measuring strings or single characters, 26 Nov 2014 It is suitable for very simple apllications or tutorials. * In more sophisticated fprintf(stderr, "Usage: directfbtext fontfile fontsize r g b < input ");. 11 Sep 2001 This document discusses features and concepts of DirectFB. . DirectFB supports anti aliased text drawing and includes font providers, which. I try to modify 'Drawing text' which is in DirectFB Tutorials. 'Drawing text' //Determine the size of our string when drawn using the loaded font. //Since we are Chapter 9. Graphics and Font Libraries. Prev · Next · Home. DirectFB-0.9.20. Introduction to DirectFB. DirectFB is a graphics library on top of the Linux frame buffer device. the command-line. Consult the directfbrc(5) manual page for details.Check for more and up to date infos. The build of the image and font providers can be disabled but we strongly suggest that you don't do . There's a manual page called directfbrc(5) that documents all the settings. GetHeight, Get the logical height of this font. This is the distance from one baseline to the next when writing several lines of text. Note that this value does not

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