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22 Jun 2018 Also, only ten cards have ever been banished to the Pauper banned list, and no is the most played sideboard card in Pauper since it excels in Izzet Delver mirrors, . I hope this toolbox was a helpful reference guide to you. 21 Dec 2017 15 Sep 2018 I've spilled lots of digital ink discussing the relative intransigence of the Pauper metagame. So when a fringe player comes out of nowhere with 8 Nov 2017 Today we will be returning to the wonderful format of Pauper with a deck the has been a major contender for best deck in the format for years: 6 Feb 2018 Some of the best Pauper cards include Brainstorm, Delver of Secrets, Lightning Bolt, Preordain, Ponder, Counterspell, and the Urzatron lands. Updating my UR Delver Sideboard Guide after having gotten some feedback from some nice folks (see Again, my list is 9 Apr 2018 I've been exploring Pauper decks left and right, and this week felt like the right time to tackle one of the format's boogeymen: U/R Delver 6 Dec 2018 There are a few varieties of Delver of Secrets decks, with the old classic being a purely Mono-Blue deck that utilizes a Faerie subtheme with Izzet Delver ( Match-up analysis and side board guide (click to show). 23 Mar 2016 Delver of Secrets and Spellstutter Sprite team up in one of the top decks in Pauper.

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