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The pathway of Dr. Joshua and Evangelist Sherilyn Smith is one of faithfulness and determination to serve God through helping people get answers to problems faced in life. “Everyone young or old, rich or poor has some sort of crisis or problem with others. We need ‘Christ’ to solve our crisis!” Everyone needs help overcoming challenges, circumstances, problems and issues. "Discover The Way of LOVE!" Jesus is The Way... God is L-O-V-E! L-ots O-f V-aluable E-ncouragement!

Loving to Learn Clinics and Centers was realized after Dr. Joshua Smith received the vision from God through a chain of circumstances in 2002, giving rise to the Health, Education and Social Services Association. Attending the renoun Loma Linda University - La Sierra Campus (now La Sierra University) in the early 70's (Biology Pre-Medical major and Theology minor) and Bastyr University - School of Naturopathic Medicine in the mid to late 90's, Dr. Smith is a registered, licensed Doctor of Naturopathy or Naturopath, practicing Biblical Naturopathy.

Possessing a Doctorate of Divinity and Masters in Biblical Theology, Dr. Smith was Dean of Esther Mallett International Bible University (EMIBU), teaching varied Master of Theology and undergraduate classes. He also taught Community Crisis Intervention at Long Beach Bible Institute with an emphasis on training ministers in Biblical Counseling, running an outreach ministerial resource/referral agency and crisis intervention program for international nonprofit certification and licensing.

Serving God as a minister for over 25 years, Joshua was originally licensed and ordained in the mid 80's with the Independent Assemblies of God International (IAOGI). Dr. Smith currently is establishing Holistic Wellness and Health Services (HWHS) with 24 Hour Prayer and Healing Rooms and Chapels, offering Health, Education and Social Services. He, also, teaches classes at Endtime Ministries International Bible University, and is co-chairing the development of both the Master's and Doctorate programs.

Evangelist Sherilyn Smith has worked as a foster parent and as a nurse with senior citizens in convalescent homes, the mentally ill in institutions and the sick in hospitals. Sherilyn has an Associate and Bachelor in Theology from Esther Mallett International Bible University, and has taught Evangelism. Currently, she is teaching at Endtime Ministries International University and working on her Masters degree in Theology with an emphasis on Biblical counseling.

Loving Jesus Christ with all her heart, Sheri is an effective evangelist, winning many souls to Christ with signs and wonders, healing and deliverance. God has given her a gift of poetic prophecy. An agressive, assertive and compassionate evangelist, Sherilyn received last year a prestigious Humantarian Award from the California Black Republican Women Council.

Encouraging holistic wellness, Joshua and Sheri believe in utilizing Biblical principles of fasting, prayer, tithes, offering, holiness, congregational fellowship, unity or agreement, charity, memorization of scriptures, Bible study, laying on of hands of elders, spiritual affirmations, Biblical counseling, faith healing, acts of benevolence, meditation on The Word of God, relaxation, recreation, healing herbs, vitamins, minerals, physical medicine, exercise, dietary and lifestyle changes to assist individuals with health problems and concerns.

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