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Yoga Pose Of The Week: Half Spinal Twist

This week8217s pose is the second in our series of postholiday detox twists from Stacia Nero of Deliver Me Wellness Half spinal twist is an amazing pose to help realign the entire body and to help loosen the spine It8217s an especially great pose for women to keep the reproductive and urinary organs healthy and in great working order Twists in general aredetoxifyingand this one in particular increases the circulation to the pelvic region providing fresh blood nutrients and oxygen It8217s a…


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Scenes From The Office

Happy Friday I hope everyone enjoyed Halloween Here are some snaps from the office this week Decorated desk for a birthday Brigette shooting a blog post Classic lobby lights Pinning fabric Our web production assistant looking dapper Afternoon light Lunch break Gold star cake Have a great weekend Morescenes from the office FollowFP Janaon Twitter Discount Alange Sohne Replica…


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Kitchen Confidential

At the Free People home offices we have so many amazing things available to us One that I sure many employees will tell you that theye grateful for is the amazing food You can either head over to our dining hall called 543 or stop at the caf Jharoka both of which offer menus that are stocked with gourmet ingredients and creative pairings The offering includes some of the freshest ideas in the culinary world today smoked tofu and pear chicken salad with blackberry jam and arugula on a brioche…


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ootprints on the moon

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onday quote

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Scenes From The Office

It8217s been a couple of weeks since we8217ve shared some scenes from the office and in the meantime we8217ve had some snow some parties and lots of fun Including fun with smoke bombs for this blog shoot Beautiful artwork one of our graphic designers made for the Chinese New Year Sunrise at the Navy Yard lt3 Happy birthday to this lovely lady Birthday cake Oreos Confetti nails Sweet treats Awesome layered necklaces and the Cold Shoulder Stripe Tee Snowfall at the office…


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MBFWA Day Two: Backstage At Kate Sylvester

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irds of a feather

Kindra is Here shares her beautiful and whimsical vintage collections I love the illustrations on old packaging Those little charms would make an incredible necklace Discount Celine Luggag Replica Fake Hermes Lindy 34c Tags vintage

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LA, a visual diary – part one

the trip has been magical so far8230from an early morning plane ride to a wild night out in west hollywood shopping in santa monica and watching the sunset on venice beach8230 california you will always have a piece of my heart Tags california lifestyle Cheap Replica Luxury Handbags Men Brands Belts photos picture this…


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Free People Models Off Duty

This week Free People models Charro Anastasia and Sabrina wore cool and casual looks that had a slight sports feel to them There was a lovely mixture of proportions in their outfits making them perfect for this sunny and rainy week The weather here in Philly has been all over the place so layers were key They make the most basic items look desirable and their effortless beauty constantly shines through We love seeing what our FP models wear for their offduty looks Here8217s who we captured…


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Saturday DO

DO buy fresh flowers The other week I had to buy a bouquet of fresh flowers something I never do when I made these After putting the ice cubes together I was left with a massive bunch and well no big vases What I did happen to have though is a vintage bottle collection So I broke apart the flowers and made five little arrangements to scatter about My Chanel Fla Replica boyfriend might not have thought it…


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Office Style: Dark Hues and Florals

The theme this week for office style was dark hues and loads of floral There was a mix of floral skirts paired with tiny tanks flowy floral dresses and even allblack looks I like how the floral touches lend these outfits a girly hand while still being simple and cool I caught everyone with their sunglasses on too They are ready for that summer sun Here is this week8217s office style Check out moreOffice Stylelooks we love…


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he best thank you notes

Recently Urban Outfitters Inc which includes Free People and all our sisterbrands had a winter coat drive here at the home office Aside from all the coats people brought in we had a lot of coats laying around the office seeing as we are an apparel company In the end we turned in all our coats to the Boys and Girls Club of America here in Philadelphia Today I noticed a bunch of cards posted up on the wall by our coffee shop Upon closer inspection I saw they were thank you notes from a bunch…


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ne week till july catalog!

just a little peek at what8217s to come8230 i can8217t wait 8211 this book is absolutely gorgeous Wholesale Wallets Handbags Quality Fake Buy Mechanical Wallets Handbags Tags catalog july photos picture this places…


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Love Mixtape Contest

When it comes to love and romance few things can set the mood better than a song For me music is always tied to certain moments and it doesn8217t necessarily need to be a love song for it to convey the sense of emotion and power that comes with love To celebrate the approach of Valentine8217s Day and all things love we8217ve decided to hold another mixtape contest This one around the theme of love of course Here how to enter Create a mix of 5 10 songs around the theme of love All you have to…


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painting prodigy

Kieran a 6 year old from Norfolk Wholesale Wallets Quartz Handbags UK not only painted the amazing watercolor above but many many more His paintings are just beautiful and the fact Handbags Handbags Companies Sale Replica that he8217s 6 years old is… Continue

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patch nyc is a collaboration of two talented artists and designers don carney and jon ross we here at fp instantly fell in love with their oneofakind pieces and are excited to feature them as one of our favorite designers the patch nyc collection is vintage inspired but also Wholesale Affordable Handbags Automatic maintains a strong contemporary look to create their…


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riday fun with grizzly bear

i took a little tour of the office with grizzly bear today and man does she have it good8230 everywhere she goes people want to give her hugs and kisses and treats here8217s a look at a day in the life of a free people pup where to first to give kisses to our graphic designer and hugs for one of our designers the leash in the mouth means she8217s ready to move on8230 this treat smells yummy but it8217s a little too big what no more treats checkin8217 out some clothing samples8230…


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Monday Quote

ockingbirds are the true artists of the bird kingdom Which is to Replica Best Handbags Handbags say although they8217re born with a song of their own mockingbirds aren8217t content to merely play the hand that is dealt them Like all artists they are out to rearrange reality p Tom Robbins image…


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