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The author of this book keeps on wondering at the following aspect. T. DeMark has titled his book as "Technical analysis as the new science". This edition is based on the slanted channel technique. However, there it is stated that, dealing with slanted channels, an individual must rely Forex Trendy Review  just on his intuition.The author of this book does insist that the reader must by himself try to answer the question, not explained by the "classicists" of Forex. The stake makes the trader's deposit. Not getting the answer, the trader can lose the deposit easily. Otherwise, one can gain profit regularly. The reader can find the corresponding prompts, elaborated in Masterforex-V Trading Academy (see the chart given below - September 4, 2006).

The reader should pay attention to the following questions. Why in the on-line regime anybody of Masterforex-V Trading Academy participants hasn't opened a deal on "buy" under the condition of the false breaking through the slanted channel at the point 1.9060. How one can see that in the on-line regime the breaking through the slanted channel is false.Why in the on-line regime Masterforex-V Trading Academy participants have opened short deals within the area of the point 1.9033. There are the examples of the two possible ways of the currency pair further movement from the view point of the slanted channel technique according to the concept of Masterforex-V Trading Academy.

The fourth difference between the approaches of "the classicists" and Masterforex-V Trading System consists in the following. Slanted channels cannot be studied independently of other significant instruments of giving analysis to Forex market. In this connection, the author of this book recommends to a trader elaborating the tactics of his own. The slanted channel can be broken through at the ends of the 1st or 5th waves - otherwise, this can happen at the beginning of the 3rd wave. A trader must decide by himself when it would be preferable to stay out of the market. On the other hand, under certain conditions it would be preferable to open either a short or a long deal. Besides, it is important where the stop-lock must be located (inserted, installed) in each of the cases enumerated. In addition, a series of other important aspects are elucidated within Masterforex-V Trading Academy.

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