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Advantages of Binary Push Button Salary Options Trading

The possible income of a binary option has been known since the start. When you open a binary position on a pair of stocks, you know how much money you can win. Usually, this is 70-80% of the sum, meaning that you can win $80 with an investment of $100. As you can  Push Button Salary see, the possibilities to earn some good money are huge, but there are also risks involved. It is possible to earn $20 000 in a single month starting from an investment of $1000, but this means indulging in risky transactions. For example, you can use the one minute strategy that allows you to buy pairs of stocks 100 times a day, but beware some of those positions may not be winning ones.

Simple calculations say that you are allowed to lose one transaction out of three. If you start with $100 and you earn $80, and then you win another one, you have a profit of $160 from two transactions, and if you lose the third one, you will still be a winner overall. Considering that this $60 can be made in three consecutive one minute transactions, we can say that $60 is a good profit for five minutes work, isn't it? It is possible to make money from binaries even if you are a beginner, but basing your trading strategy fully on intuition is not a good idea, because it will cheat you eventually. The money management strategy is the most important one in this case. When you trade stocks in binary options and you are not as experienced as others, a smart method to manage your money will allow you to have comparable results.

The money management strategy is something that you should stick to. You are bound to be unhappy when you lose five transactions in a row. But if your money management strategy tells you that you should stop trading for the respective day, then this is probably what you should do. Trading stocks in binaries is an art. Before starting to trade on a real account, you need to know your qualities and disadvantages. On the demo account, you can overcome your greed, anger and fear, which are the most dangerous enemies for a trader. It is acceptable to make mistakes on a demo account, and this is the platform where you should make those, if you don't want to make those later, with your real money.

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