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An additional spectacular lunch plus the second dive was a drift down the opposite side in the reef

An additional spectacular lunch and also the second dive was a drift down the opposite side of the reef; the two days of constant wind had given rise to a sturdy present. The high point of this dive was a two metre Moray eel living inside a hole inside the coral wall straight underneath the point exactly where the boats were moored to the reef. Anchors are no longer permitted that is excellent; it was really in 2006 that HEPCA managed to push by means of a complete ban around the use of anchors on reefs within the Red Sea. Returning to shore I referred to as residence - the prior evening I'd purchased an Egyptian SIM card for 1 (0.12) together having a telephone scratch card to the tune of ten (1.25) The Vodafone network coverage even out to sea is exceptional along with the credit I had on my phone lasted precisely two minutes and four seconds - 0.50p a minute has to be fantastic value especially when compared to the 70 (8.75) that the grotty hotel charged me to get in touch with home on my initial day here and that for just over a minute!

 We subsequently moved on to a third reef nearby and on route had a delightful encounter having a school of prevalent dolphins. Once more I discovered abundant marine life to occupy fifa 16 coins  my attention right here including a pair of sea-horses. I desperately wanted to photograph them but discovered that my camera batteries have been as well depleted. Day 4 and we've changed boat once again this time we're on board the Boshra belonging towards the Gulf Divers diving centre. After lunch we headed south for the afternoon's dive internet site - the Shab Ruhr Umm Gamaar reef which features a tiny Egyptian army supply-boat wreck at 30m. A fragment on the wreck lies extremely close for the mooring point at 7m. Upon seeing it I recognised it right away and realised that this was the location of my incredibly 1st Red Sea dive twenty years earlier. This truly is really a superb dive web page; in the mooring at the southern tip in the reef head up the east side in the morning plus the west within the afternoon otherwise your dive may be somewhat gloomy. This web-site is renowned for sightings of Grey Reef sharks but nowadays however not. Maximum depth attained on this dive was 15m and after once again the 6200W performed specifically as advertised with no indicators of water ingress.

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