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Argentina and even the media are very dissatisfied

Catch Argentina faces Brazil Zico and Falcao not the ball behind the case, and then 1-3, leg Batista Maradona Brazilian defender overhauled in the past four years later led Argentina to win men eat red end. At that time, most of the media ridiculed Argentina, Brazil, Argentina and even the media are very dissatisfied, but the Argentines have always believed that the two Ultimate Team FIFA World Chou complete with Liangzai as below. FIFA 15 Brazil despise Argentines think you FIFA 15 Argentina, while Brazil believes it is just a false proposition, with Brazil, Argentina FIFA 15? If then aggressiveSuperman' in buyfut15coins history, intriguing Superman villain Lex causes death, because he can never that kind of power as Superman and heart goodness. In the eyes of the fans in Brazil, Maradona was a bad time villain Lex Argentina, Brazil, but not to win, but Superman. FIFA 15 1986 Maradona led Argentina to win; 1990, another branch was strongly considered, but less so in 1982 Brazil FIFA 15 in 1990 and Argentina in the FIFA 15 game knockout round when Brazil in the first qualifying round Group C, while Group B Argentina to the third round. Results fatal Maradona amazing, Caniggia completed the fatal blow, then stumbled in the finals of Argentina FIFA 15 FIFA 15, Argentina was considered on a par with Brazil, because at the time he reached the last four in Brazil, Argentina, four , three crowns in Brazil, Argentina, two crowns. While Argentina lost the final, but to date, Argentines still think it was a successful FIFA 15, as it eliminated in the preliminary round in Brazil, Argentina fans put a rock song songs again, in a piece of 15 Brazil FIFA satire songs:Brazil tell me what Dad feels Carney usher how the ball into the goal that you are at home, but put Messi but the trophy will be like?. Competition number one, Oh, strong Maradona can leave a million times.

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