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Barcelona, Real Madrid was unjust persecution

Bartomeu said: "Some people have the power of the state,buy fut 15 coins, not like Barcelona made such a huge success we have been unjust persecution and attacks."

Bartomeu: Barcelona, Real Madrid was unjust persecution and hatred Yinneimaer Bartomeu said: "In dealing with the contract amount, different calculation methods used by FC Barcelona with the Court, which is the cause of the gap between the two figures."

On Tuesday, the Barcelona club president Josep - Malia - Bartomeu accepted the Catalan television station TV3 and 8TV two interviews, on the recent Yinneimaer transfer matters brought against him and Barcelona club-related accusations made a speech. Bartomeu said: "This is just some of the agency for the Barcelona attack that comes from some top, is very unreasonable." Bartomeu said: "Some people have crossed the red line piece, we had to speak up. we need to stop this kind of thing, because the last straw. "

Bartomeu said: "There are some strange things especially when our team's performance is good, some things happen so fast and in some cases, on such unpleasant things will not occur. week I will go to (the national court) hearing, we will once again explain the truth. Let me be clear, FC Barcelona did not do anything wrong. All the introduction of players, including Neymar and Barcelona club's senior management, employees and directors are did nothing wrong. it all comes from some people do not want Neymar to join Barcelona. Neymar's father told us that Madrid provides a higher offer, but they did not do so (get Neymar). "

Politics and sport

Bartomeu firm pointed out that the amount of the purchase Neymar Barca is the earliest figures released during the operation is completely transparent. He said: "All of our work have been assessed, we signed Yueneimaer in full compliance with the general steps in the process, the transfer fee is € 57 million we announced, we still adhere to this figure."

Bartomeu said: "In dealing with the contract amount, different calculation methods used by FC Barcelona with the Court, which is the cause of the gap between the two figures."

Bartomeu said: "I do not want to evaluate what, but there are many facts can explain some things last season, we were allowed to use the music of Catalonia at the Nou Camp, but also be allowed to make the team wearing plus. Catalan flag pattern away jersey to participate in the competition, that the first march is the soul of our culture in this region, but our practice for some people unhappy, maybe they just took a look at this thing sports also some political vision. Therefore, we will continue our efforts to find the crux of the problem lies, because after all, this thing is because we have caused. I do not want it to end this way. I believe that in our country, some people have some kind of power forces unhappy to see Neymar join Barcelona. "

Bartomeu remind people that there is some precedent in the history of Barcelona suffered injustice may also prove persecution, he said: "Barcelona is now experiencing what has happened in history, this is just another manifestation of the way, it is a serious matter, is a downright persecution. we are doing the right thing, but suffered unjust persecution. we will continue to express their strong attitude, if necessary, will be more intense. "

"We want to get the truth."

Bartomeu said: "This is the first time in this country to use legal means against a legitimate sporting entity by the state apparatus, the situation in the past 30-35 years, I always insisted that Barcelona did not like to do. anything wrong, we did not break any laws at all times. for this reason, we will not accept any decision. whether Russell or I, will not bear any responsibility. "

Bartomeu went on to say: "We want the truth, we will explain our behavior within the law, rather than outside the law in Neymar to join Barcelona in the process, the measures we have taken are legitimate."

Barcelona president on election

Bartomeu said the recent situation will not affect the Barcelona club president after the general election will be held in a few months. He said: "January we announced the election of the President calmly current schedule we hope things will not change our electoral calendar, I myself will stand elections will be held at the end of the season on national courts Neymar .... transfer a case, it seems to only make us stronger, including myself and the board. "From

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