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Best Vastu Consultant and Vastu Shastra Tips For Complete House To Bring Positive Energies

Vastu Expert

Many people work towards building a house according to Vastu Shastra since it brings significant balance between various climatic natural energies including cosmic energy, solar energy, and many more. Vastu scriptures focus on bringing positive energy into your home using different home decor tools. According to Vastu expert, the draft architecture of the house ends quite simply if the plot is in north and east direction. Basic architectural suggestions for the house say that the rooms should be in south or west directions. A plot can create issues on the south side of the house in one-vote living and prosperity. If it is against Vastu Shastra, it is a place for all sorts of issues, tensions, and there will be no peace. The entrance is also for the doorway, while the use of Vastu for your home should be taken into consideration. The entrance should be in the architectural direction like north, east or north east of the house.The passage door size must be confidently larger than other doors in the house. Many houses may have more than one passage on the façade.


Vastu Expert In Delhi

If there is only one main entrance to the house, more money is expected from different elements. There are two doors at the entrance, so an acceptable life for prisoners can be expected. If there are more than three doors are provided as the main entrance than it causes many issues. Vastu Shastra for Bedroom According to Vastu Expert In Delhi its bedrooms in the south, southwest and west directions. Northeast corner bedrooms cannot be accessed by the elders of the house. In fact, for the most part, Northeast corner bedroom is not great, so don't plan northeast bedroom at your home. It cannot be used as much as possible to refrain from keeping the bedroom in the east or north direction. It is using large northeast corner rooms of the house. This may affect issues related to their health or their money.

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Vastu Expert in Faridabad

As located near the living room entrance is for the most part, its location depends on the direction a house is facing. For an east or north facing site, the Vastu Expert in Faridabad for the living room should be in the north-east. For a site facing west, the living room should be in the northwest, and for a site facing south, it should be in the southeast direction. The dining room should be located in the west direction however the kitchen should be made in a south-east direction. The dining room should not be located on the south side. The water system should be in a northeast direction. To be placed in the dining hall, the west corner should be installed as the beam will kill all the unsafe bacteria present in the stored food. Food can also be prepared in the east direction of the house, as the morning sun rays are useful for health. If the interior design of the area is not designed according to this system, then its ideal place will turn into a discouraging, bad-luck creator.

Vastu Expert in Ghaziabad

According to the lord of Vastu Shastra, 'Agni' (Fire) one wins in the south-east direction. So should be preferably located in the south-east of the kitchen. The second best option is the northwest part of the house.The stove aims that cooks can face the east direction, while cooking with the same time must be put in the south-east direction of the kitchen.Since the east direction, this area is seen as a great place for kitchens that flourish.South East is the best course for the kitchen. An Vastu Expert in Ghaziabad decorated place gives the inmates a disease-free and barrier-free home after peace, congruity, and progress.Bathrooms should be located in the north or northwest part of the house. If the bathroom is located incorrectly, it can cause health and money related issues.Bathrooms should not be in the south, south-east and south-west directions. South-sided bathrooms can cause adverse consequences for the health of female individuals. Bathrooms should be located in the west or northwest direction.

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Vastu Expert in Gurgaon

The home temple should be located in the north-east region, eg, home of Deva Moola. The photo should symbolize the god to the east or west facing, ie, facing the devotee should be facing the east or the picture of the god performing the worship, and should face the moorti Eastside. Try not to make cupboards or cabinets over the temple overhead. Try not to keep the pictures of the departed souls (ancestors) in the temple and especially on a similar platform with different pictures of God. In an ideal world, pictures of left souls should be installed on the south wall. In this room, when you meditate, the reason should be carefully designed according to Vastu Expert in Gurgaon .

Vastu Expert Near Me

You must to gain positive energy, and after that, you can feel charged. Children's room, study room, playroom can be in the west, north, south and even east directions. There are no such rooms so the next best is southeast, northwest. Westward bedroom allotted to the youth, as it is good for children. According to Vastu Expert Near Me An eastern bedroom can also be used for unmarried children. Keep away from the south west direction room. If there is more vacant space in the east direction in your home, then an east facing bedroom is used for a newly married couple.

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Vastu Expert in Noida

However, west and southwest bedrooms should be occupied by seniors. Vastu Expert in Noida is a Vastu Consultant in Delhi NCR, a competent and experienced group of in-depth knowledge about Vastu. Due to their skill, we are fit for offering Vastu treatment, along with destruction of any structural or basic property. Attract positive energy by using the right Vastu tips for your home. So, proper use of Vastu Shastra tips in your home ensures a good health. You just make sure everything in your home emits and attracts positivity.

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