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A self confessed big kid , Mark good humouredly allows his wife tease him about his hobbies, about his tendency to jump enthusiastically into something and then lose interest, while he pokes fun at her fondness for shoes and make up. He despairs at the spare bedroom jam packed with boxes of Paula's make up, snorts when she says she uses all of it all the time and questions whether she really needs to keep all those reference magazines .

Hermonie Way, who was wearing the 7FAM Skinny Black Velvet with Gold Foil Brocade, noted, I cheap mac makeup concealer honestly was not a big fan of jeans until I started wearing 7 For All Mankind. I love the way they contour my curves and I especially love that they carry more than just your typical jeans, with their line of fashion pants, which are always right on trend.

Si tus ojos lucen separados, existen un par de tips que pueden ayudarte a aminorar el problema. Primero, tus cejas. Trata de que sobresalgan un poquito del nacimiento del lagrimal. No es necesario que vayas por un look a lo Frida Kahlo, simplemente rellena muy bien con maquillaje de cejas para darle fuerza a tus ojos.

Onto the eyes! With bridal makeup it is important that your eye makeup is not too overpowering or dramatic. Your aim should be to look like a better version of your every day self! You will have your photos as memories forever you don't want to look back years from now and think Ugh! My makeup is SO 2012! . I always recommend a classic vs. trendy look. The most popular bridal eye makeup request is the brown smoky eye. This can be achieved using several shades of brown dark medium brown, light brown, and taupe . A vanilla colored eye shadow with a bit of shimmer is used to accentuate the brow bone and I also apply a barely there pink as the base color for this look. These colors can all be found at your area store but if you have a bit extra to spend Urban Decay makes a fabulous eye shadow set, Naked Palette which includes all the colors you need for the brown smoky eye and more! Urban Decay products can be purchased through their website or in store at your local Sephora . To go along with the shadow you also will need eye shadow primer. This can be hit or miss in drug stores and you may need to purchase this at a makeup counter. Wal Mart sells Hard Candy eye primer for a very affordable price. While many may choose to skip this I feel it is an essential, as it keeps your eye makeup in place and allows a better application. With all the tears at a wedding I would not skip over this product!

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