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Cool! the shining light still on Kobe

Vs Hornets, a truce for shoulder pain before Bryant back, 8 of 18 3-pointers in 23 minutes scored 23 points and 8 rebounds 8, 4, 3 assists, 2 steals, even Stevan Ridley Green Jersey with 11 points within two minutes in the second quarter. Kobe Bryant NBA career 3-point hit number 1762, the NBA history surpassed peja stojakovic - peja stojakovic, three points list ranked 12th.
Now Kobe Bryant has been hard for a long time to keep scoring explosive force, this is one of the biggest differences compared with before the injury, but the perfect moment for a few minutes to have a shine, this is the legendary level player's strength, super idol charm. Such a player retires, the NBA will have a not easy to fill the gap.
Bryant was old, can fight? Kobe is not the 81 points of the game "black mamba", 38 years old and he suffered Jason Grilli White Jersey serious injuries, for three consecutive years of Achilles tendon rupture and serious damage to his knee fracture movement ability, a shoulder injury affect his shot. This season, Kobe Bryant struggled on present, sometimes it was intentional killing pain is powerless.
Kobe really old, this is his farewell season, but 20 years in the NBA career accumulated technology and experience, as well as the inherent competitive, Kobe is still able to manufacture outbreak moment in the game, even short also can a person have a boiling passion, visible when the lone qiankun of the Kobe Bryant.
Five shots before games, Bryant did not hit, but his subsequent 13 shots hit eight ball. 8 minutes and 20 seconds before the end of the game in the second quarter, the lakers the hornets 10 points behind. Into the Kobe Bryant, he first put into three points, then made two free throws a foul, even in the next two long shots, even had 11 points in two minutes.
After put into the third three points, Kobe Bryant at courtside audiences with three fingers, the instant boiling, cheering fans chanting "MVP" for Kobe Bryant, this moment of Kobe Bryant is still the play handsome Fried days of the king of Los Angeles. With this 3 three points in the second quarter, Bryant in NBA history three points list beyond had won two all-star three series of peja stojakovic (NBA career hit 1760 down three points), three points standings ranked up to 12th. The whole game, Bryant into flat season 4 remember three points record, NBA career 3-point hit by the increase in the number to 1762.
38, Bryant still style picturesque beauty, in the third quarter breakthrough to vacate the area into 2 + 1, the ball back former teammates Jeremy, play with the same combination turned back to hit. Even if Bryant high jump not run fast, but if competing attack technology, is still a level of "teach a person"!

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