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At any time that erectile dysfunction affects nearly 25 million American men buy American Association estimated that the urinary tract. Massachusetts, who conducted the study found that there was a certain amount of erectile dysfunction in men and 43% aged between 40 and 70, researchers said in a random sample of approximately 1,700 men. Technically, anyone old enough The ED Miracle Review to affect an erection stiffness, but generally increases with age. It is 40 for men and 60 for men, 25% are assumed to be approximately 5% full erection problems. What are the symptoms of sexual dysfunction, how diagnosed? One of the symptoms of erectile dysfunction erection or maintain an erection long enough for sexual activity as satisfactory conclusion, including the lack of capacity. Frequently the problem as usual. However, problems are evaluated by a physician, frequently or for long periods of time may be required. Erectile dysfunction is easily diagnosed. Proven by consulting with your doctor in detail. These suggestions are designed to evaluate all causes of erectile dysfunction. It is usually a series of questions, as well as through an extensive physical testing is done. Some physical or medical causes of sexual dysfunction may need more tests. Blood tests, blood sugar levels, kidney and liver function, as well as conducted to measure hormone levels. Also includes special ultrasound tests in the genital area.

Gives a good idea of ??the anatomy of the blood vessels, and the characteristics of this area to help measure blood flow. This is a drug that is injected before and helps to create an erection your penis including the exam. In some cases, more invasive tests to find problems with blood vessels suspected. In addition, the test can be performed cavernosometry. That measure, as well as a sponge-like erectile tissue in the penis blood flow and pressure in the blood vessels in the penis and helps to evaluate. Similarly, it can make cavernosography tests. That there is an abnormal leakage of the blood to prevent the real look erection, penile blood system involves the injection of radioactive dye. Arteriosclerosis and diabetes are the most common cause of erectile dysfunction, which is common as a result of the penis, blood flow (ED) value is decreased by one. In fact, about forty percent of all people over the age of 50 live with erectile dysfunction is due to hardening of the arteries. About 50% of all people suffer from diabetes (insulin-dependent) suffer from some form of erectile dysfunction. To achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for mutually satisfactory intercourse with such can not be known as erectile dysfunction. The effects of erectile dysfunction than the men's sexual function. In this situation, along with the men's feelings of self-confidence of a significant impact, as well as to his relationship with his partner. Although cases of ED increases with age, it is an inevitable consequence of aging.

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