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EVO Roofing Remains The Best Choice For Commercial and Residential Roofing In Greater Vancouver


A roof does not only play an important role in acting as the first line of defense against the natural hazards, but also makes one feel safe and secure literally. While roof maintenance is very crucial, at the same time it is not very easy to find the experienced professionals who will offer unmatched craftsmanship. In a bid to solve this situation, EVO Roofing offers the best quality commercial roofing, residential roofing and multi-family i.e. strata roofing as well. They specialize in flat and low-slope roofing, and complete repair and replacement service for commercial and residential roofs in Greater Vancouver. They take pride in having the entire focus on providing one with the highest quality roofing materials along with exceptional workmanship and customer service. Whether it is Flat Roof Replacement, or Commercial Roofing, EVO Roofing remains the leader in the market in compliance with the service that they offer, the relationships that they build, the quality that they never comprise with.

One of the spokesperson comments, “We were very impressed with the prompt and professional approach and completion of the 1600 sq.ft. roofing contract on our home. From our first meeting with Vitaly, we felt confident that the job was in very good hands. What a super guy! Likewise the 6 man crew lead by Artem – (another top notch fellow) who arrived promptly at 7:30 a.m. and who worked non-stop for 11 hours to complete the job in one day, including a thorough cleanup of the work area. We are very pleased with our new roof and would highly recommend Evo Roofing to anyone.” Such testimonials prove nothing but the repeated engrossment that the company offers with the experience.

With the adoption of a process comprised of delivery and setup, safety, removal of old material, preparing the roof dock, adding insulation, installation of IB roof system, accessories and flashings, the company ensures the one has the best experience to remember. They offer lifetime transferrable warranty on residential roofing along with 15-30 years commercial warranties on both material and labor.

About EVO Roofing:
EVO Roofing is one of the premier flat roofing experts who offer the best quality commercial roofing, residential roofing and multi-family i.e. strata roofing as well.

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