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Fcc unlockables cannot load in career FIFA mode.Buy fifa 15 coins. Financial takeover and mange your national team

I purchased level 9 finacial takeover and never had a FIFA problem with it. Then I purchased the level 39 finacial takeover and this fcc unlockable does not load. It shows that I have redeemed it but does not get applied once I'm in my career mode. Also the manage you national team unlockable does not work in career mode as well. I tried starting multiple different careers and nothing works. And now the level 9 financial takeover does not work as well. So basically now I don't have any of my unlockables that I purchased.

I'm very disappointed with ea sports and the fifa 2015 game. I only play 2 games and fifa is the main one and I can't even fully enjoy the game anymore. This issue is making me lose interest in this game. I had ea sports call to try to resolve this issue and they said to me that this is unfixable. How could it be unfixable? There should be a way for them to trouble shoot this issue so it can work for everyone. This is very disappointing to me as if ea sports and FIFA 2015 can't fix this issue this will probably be last time I purchase a fifa game. When there is something wrong with a game that makes the users of the game unsatisfied the makers of the game trying to patch it immediately. Call of duty for example has new updates almost every week to fix glitches and patches for issues tht form with their game. Where is the updates to fix something as simple as this issue. I read in the forums that this is an ongoing issue for multiple different users. The worst part about it is once I have redeemed them that I can never redeem again to try it agian.

Does anyone else have this issue? Please elaborate here to show our concern on fixing this problem. I am a huge fan of futbol and would love for this issue to be fixed. Very sad but until then I'll probably be playing mostly call of duty.

Thanks for nothing ea sports maybe this can be resolved and I can write a nice post about how good of games that you make. But until then your games are disappointing and would not recommend ea sports to anyone if they can't fix glitches in the game that cause not get the full game experience that one would like to get out of the game.From

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