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Geo Detecting Treasure Launch New Game App


Geo Detecting Treasure (GDT) is a unique treasure hunting game and the founders have just launched a new website & App. The website and App technology is designed to provide members with a state of the art platform of interactive features that can be accessed on their PCs, smart phones, and tablets. Some of these features include:

- Hide, Find & Share Cache(s) all Over the World
- Create a Club & Special Club Cache with Rating System.  
- Create For Personal Use - Private Logs with GPS, Photo, Video & Voice Recorder.
- Create events, pictures, videos & more to your caches or club.
- Win Prizes like a new metal detector or gold coins.
- Volunteer & receive GDT Copper & Nickel Specialize 1 troy ounce Bullion Rounds.
- Share your experience on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social sites.

The 2014 Global Games Market Report by shows that international gaming market will surpass the $100 Billion mark in next three years to reach $102.9 Billion by 2017.

Mr William Kawa, Founder of Geo Detecting Treasure (GDT) said, “The vision for GDT is to provide people with an exciting real-life Geocaching, Metal Detecting, Scavenger Hunting, and Treasure Hunting game. The intended goal is to have GDT Caches hidden all over the world, with a vision of hiding substantially valuable “Prize Caches” in each participating town, state and country.”

Modelled to combine geocaching and metal detecting, this game is designed to capture and combine interest from both niche markets. These niches are growing rapidly and GDT’s vision is to gain a significant market share of this and rapidly go global.

Mr  Kawa said, “Our marketing vision is to attract visibility quickly by leveraging a multi-pronged approach that involves viral social media initiatives, email marketing, and search engine optimization strategies, as well as real life global events to gain a passionate following.”

About Geo Detecting Treasure (GTD)
Geo Detecting Treasure (GTD) is an adventurous interactive real life treasure hunting game invented by Mr William Kawa. It has cutting edge technology and intended to attract members worldwide, transgender and in all age groups.  With the website, smartphone app, and viral social media exposure, GDT has a unique brand that will turn ordinary people into true treasure hunters.

Those interested to learn more about this new game can visit the website

Media Contact
Mr William Kawa
P.O. Box 1098,
Mebane, NC 27302


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