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Finally, once you have generated several options, maybe as many as 6, consider them all side by side. If you only compare A just now to see if it is suitable and then look at B later (followed by C after that) then it effectively becomes a sequence of binary choices (this or that). Whilst a bit more time consuming and complex it is better to look at the whole array of options simultaneously Guaranteed Winners Review and decide which is best. Once we have a number of options open to us, we often have a gut feeling about which we think is the most attractive. It is then very easy to find lots of very convincing reasons as to why this is the best choice. It might be that we find scientific or factual reasons to back up our position or we go and ask advice from friends about which they would suggest we choose. The problem with this though is that we, usually subconsciously, choose our sources of information such that they will agree with us. If for some reason they disagree we then go to great lengths to discredit this opinion and then seek a significant number of extra opinions that are even more likely to agree. We will often frame our questions in such a way that we will get only confirmatory responses.

For example, when there are jobs on offer in several parts of the country we will ask people we know in one of the locations why it would be a good place to move to. One of the best ways to counter this is to deliberately seek out people who you think will disagree with you and ask them their opinion. Alternatively, look for information that confirms the opposite of what you currently believe to be true. If you start to see a body of evidence backing an opposing view, you are more likely to take it seriously. Another option is to ask an acknowledged expert what their thoughts are. If you do this though, you are better to ask them about past and present realities - don't expect them to predict the future because, however brilliant they are, there is a high chance they will be wrong. Asking someone to compare the historical growth rates and performances of companies you might chose to work for will give you useful information, whereas asking for future predictions might give you nonsense.

Often though we have an instant preference for one option over the others and hard though we try to find disinformation, a wee voice inside us keeps telling us what to choose. With any important decision there will be emotion attached, whether that be around the importance of being seen to make the right decision, having met a really attractive person at one of the interviews you went to, or always having wanted to live in a particular location. These emotional ties will be stronger than you might suppose, even when you are trying to be rigorously dispassionate. These feelings may not still be valid a few weeks, months or years down the line leading you to make a decision that is only valid in the very short-term. Note first that it is not always wrong to follow your intuition. Listen to it and see what it says but test to ensure that you are following it for all the right reasons. There are a couple of ways of simple ways of doing this.

Imagine that instead of you making this decision, it was your best friend. They have asked you for advice as to what decision to make. This often makes things clearer because we will advise our friends without the obstacle of feelings and often free of the clutter that surrounds someone's own process. By being one step removed from the decision-making process we focus only on the important factors and give more objective advice. Secondly try Suzy Welch's very simple 10 10 10 test. If you decide for a particular option or solution, how do you expect to feel about it in 10 minutes, 10 months and 10 years? Based on those feelings we can gain some perspective from a greater distance which stops us rushing in with only our heart. If in ten months I expect to have become bored of my new job location then it is time to seriously consider a different option.

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