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The answer to the question,Hair Loss Protocol Review "Is there a good baldness cure?" is yes and no. Does this fact make you more confused and unsatisfied? Before we proceed, you have to realize that hair loss and baldness are quite complex as medical conditions. First of all, we know for a fact that there are many causes for the occurrence of bald spots in men and women. These causes include poor nutrition, radical fad diets, extreme stress and trauma, child birthing in women, and hormonal imbalances. The hair loss from these causes are not considered baldness since the hair can still grow again once the external factor that causes hair loss is removed. In fact, it is not rare for a new mom to have great amount of hair loss after birth but, in just a few months, the hair grows back as her body hormones and chemical make up becomes normal again.

Real baldness is hair loss that cannot be reversed at all. Generally, this baldness is the effect of a condition called Androgenic Alopecia. In this case, since it is a genetic condition and it is within the body system, there is no available baldness cure. There are several treatments that can slow down the process of hair loss but, when all your hair in a certain area has fallen out, the only effective method is to have implanted hair grafts into the bald spot.

The FDA has given its approval to two hair loss treatment drugs. The first one is Finasteride which blocks DHT the hormonal substance that causes hair loss. The DHT is set to attack certain hair follicles or hair roots of the scalp such that it stops the transfer of nutrients to them so the production of keratin is stopped. The hair shaft needs keratin for hair production.

The other drug approved by FDA is Minoxidil. This is a medication topically applied by spreading it on the scalp and then massaging in the solution. It proceeds to the hair root where it becomes a shield against DHT. When DHT fails to bond with hair follicles, the hair shafts can proceed normally to their production of hair.

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