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On May 29 this year, FIFA elections will be held in Zurich.Buy cheap fifa15 coins on FIFA Coins. It is said that the 79-year-old Blatter is most likely to win the fifth reappointment. But this morning, a former Premier League star issued a challenge to Blatter. According to the Associated Press, former French international Ginola who once played for Tottenham, Newcastle, Aston Villa and Everton in the English Premier League made his spokesman announce that he will participate in FIFA president election. And the election will be opened on Monday of local time in London.

It is reported that the investor behind Ginola is Irish betting giant Paddy Power. According to FIFA’s election statutes, Ginola must prove to FIFA before January 29 that he played an active role in international football in at least 2 years in the past five years, and he needs to be supported by five regional FAs. Apart from Ginola, the prince of Jordan Ali-Ben-Al-Hussein also announced his candidacy earlier this month, he also got the support from UEFA president Michel Platini. Meanwhile, former FIFA executive Champagne and former Chilean Football Federation President Harold Nichols also expressed the desire to participate in the election.

Due to good looking, well-built body and superb skills, Ginola enjoyed high popularity in European football world, and achieved a great success in the Premier League. He once won the league second place with Newcastle and won the League Cup with Tottenham. In 1999, he was awarded the best player in England Correspondents Association and Professional Footballers’ Association. It is worth mentioning that, 15 years ago, the Villa coach Gregory criticized Ginola on his excess body fat and threatened to sell him, but then in the match between Villa and Manchester City, Ginola scored a wonderful goal. Ginola raved passionately after the break, ripped his shirt proudly and showed his muscular to Gregory on the sidelines.

Ginola announced his retirement in 2002, after which he worked as an actors, a model, a columnist and many other professions. At present, he is still a broadcast commentary guest in the French league. Ginola is a French former international football player who has also worked as an actor and model. On 16 January 2015, Ginola announced his intention to run against Sepp Blatter for the FIFA presidency. Ginola was renowned for his “magical” touch on the ball and his ability to get past players from any type of position and then manage to score a goal.

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