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Hot candidate will battle to him with hope

As the ball rise trend, present the one scene in the league Jerome Brown Youth Jersey is now "and" inside and outside, prior to this, there are news that Cousins and two green lane will take part in the all-star skills challenge, bosh will attend three series, and now, according to the Boston herald reported that Celtic have 2 meters 13 center Kelly Olynyk targeting on the three series, Kelly Olynyk from the field this season league ranked fifth, and he is Canadian, Toronto all-star weekend and have him a seat?
Kelly Olynyk to the season averaged 10.3 points and 10.3 rebounds, which he helped outside has become a stable means of scoring, so far, Kelly Olynyk averaged 44.4% from three, in the league only ranked Leonard (48.5%), riddick (47.7%), Dudley (46.1%) and database (45.5%), ranking fifth in the NBA.
All-star 3-point contest the list will be announced officially on Friday in Beijing time, however, after exposure Ron Jaworski Eagles Jersey, there have been some squad as unshakable three-point of alliance, will impact the champion again in the Treasury, and have always been good at shooting bosh has also obtained the league invitation, now, Kelly Olynyk will also have a very good opportunity into the list of three series, not only because he is one of the league's hottest three-point shooter, but also because, Kelly Olynyk is Canadian, now all star weekend at home, for the NBA has always been good at playing the family card, Kelly Olynyk is clearly.
Celtics coach Stevens also said that with the improving of the Kelly Olynyk shooting, he has also increasingly confident in shooting. "When Kelly Olynyk came to the team, he is a very good striker, but he still continues to improve his shot, you can see from the ascension of shooting in this respect how hard he tried, at the same time, you can discover, he has established in shooting enough experience and confidence, we never said, 'why don't you pass?" from the first day, he wants to finish the shot, you can see his aggressive and positive attitude." Stevens said.
When it comes to love will attend this year's all-star 3-point contest, Stevens said: "he never and I said these, but I think, to participate in the competition is very good, if he continue to three quarters of the union leader, I think he will be invited to compete."

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