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How to Choose Cocktail Dresses to Suit Your Body Shape

Christian Dior’s 1940s after-seven dressing concept, Cocktail dresses, has prevailed and is the quintessential dressing for the modern woman today. The perfect cocktail dress must make the wearer stand out and reveal a striking silhouette. The cocktail dressing is meant to beautifully fit, be comfortable and promote the body features. Here is an interactive discussion and tips on how to choose Cocktail Dresses to Suit Your Body Shape

1. Why Cocktail Dress Makes a Perfect Modern Woman:
According to Coco Chanel, a woman can only be found in her dressing, “without a woman, there is no dress”. It is a taboo to miss a cocktail dress in a woman’s wardrobe. It has been established that cocktail dresses have this thing that makes a man want to come closer, they cannot resist the beauty, and confidence exuberated by a woman in a cocktail dress.

Depending on personal body shape and size, integrate some of these useful tips when deciding on the best design of cocktail dress for the next big occasion. Also learn to stay on top of your peers by not just buying a cocktail dress but getting into custom unique made designs.

2. Cocktail Dress Best Design:
Almost every fashion house is designing a unique cocktail dress style, one finds it very difficult choosing the perfect style of this mass production. It’s also good to note that everyone has a unique shape, to be successful in this dressing business, go for the one that specifically moulds an hourglass silhouette by keenly and evenly recreating your body proportions while diminishing areas you do not like emphasized. Your aim is to create an illusion of Cinderella symmetry between the hips and the bust, and a perfectly nipped in waistline. The newly acquired goddess figure is meant to bring all eyes “here”, after all looking great means feeling great and enjoying the attention.

3. Pear shaped:
Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian both are pear shaped, the lower body is bigger than the upper body. Strapless dresses are the best bet for this body shape as they bring attention to the slender shoulders while keeping away the eyes from the hips.

4. Emphasizing Slimmer Body Parts While Diminishing Louder Parts:
Bring more emphasis to the upper half by exaggerating some details. Balance the wider assets and the slim shoulders with the help of halter-neck dresses. Wearing the low-dipping necklines brings attention to the chest and face by accentuating the upper part. Use the large colorful earrings or statement necklace to accessorize.

5. Waistline and Bulging Hips:
Cocktail dresses with A-line or flowing skirts makes a perfect match with a pear shape, they beautifully skim the waist. Wear more and more of figure hugging clothing, just ensure they don’t come very tight around the bulge hips. Avoid the underwear lines by investing in the right ones. The pear shaped women are blessed with beautifully streamlined waistlines and beyond, bring them out to the world to see with the waistline cinched in. Empire waistlines are perfect; they make the eye to settle to the upper part with the feel of slender waist. Putting on belts and bring in more details to the waistline will promote the assets and beautifully match with skirted dress.

6. Speaking Color Codes and Designs:
The block colored designs are more preferable, stay away from the large prints and any other code that will make the hips appear larger. Alternatively, one can go for two colors toned dress code: darker tone below the waist and a more colorful and brighter tone above.

These are some of the basic tips for choosing Cocktail Dresses to Suit Your Body Shape. Apply these techniques to get the most out of your night out with your pals, colleagues, friends or loved ones.

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