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Interestingly its approach is a synergistic blend of tantric methods and modern science. The shocking thing though is that he successfully pulls it off. As such, even though it is the puerile that stands to gain most from the book, the experienced stud too may just surprise himself by learning a thing or two. What interests me here though is extending the whole red pill philosophy to other areas of life. Politics The Great Brain Secret Review is a ripe field for this. It is also potentially explosive. Just think about expressing what you really feel about race relations or same-sex partnerships. What about religion? Looking at it scientifically (and mind you I'm just talking), what is the logical basis for believing that the God of the universe incarnated in the image of man and had to die in order to bring man back to himself, or on the flipside that he takes any pleasure in murder committed in his name.

What about some of the holiness band; corrupt or perverted "men of God" with congregations who nevertheless fail to see the light, remaining the staunchest supporters of these, even while they themselves live in abject poverty. Red pill. Yes, just imagine, all of these peoples taking that red pill and waking up to reality, whether that reality turns out to be what they had thought or not. Red Pill philosophy. Yeah, the results would be interesting. But really, having looked at it, I think it's not that the concept is new. No, it probably has been with us under various nuances since the dawn of time and man's earliest consolidations in city states; Ala speaking one's mind, being frank, etc.

The only difference is that in the world and the type of society we live in today, for the sake of peace and quiet, it is just better to be politically correct and follow the path of tolerance and yes sometimes willful blindness. In that guise therefore, Red Pill philosophy is probably already in use in several aspects of human life and relations. The only thing is that for those who have taken the pill, its use in decision-making, official and unofficial, must be kept secret in order to avoid public outcry. As such Red Pill philosophy, aside from the relatively safe areas of sex and limited areas of business, will never achieve main stream acceptability.

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