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It was so easy for Haden, no pressure

Rockets home victory over the Memphis Grizzlies, Harden played 25 minutes 3 of 8 shots seven of eight free throws Mika Zibanejad Red Jersey had 15 points and seven rebounds 8 assists, Rockets career total penalty beyond yao, a returning fifth on a list of free throws, Rockets total score during break 8000 mark, became the first ten players get 8000 points for the Rockets.
Penalty is Harden signboard, Harden it free throws for the Rockets career milestone, this free throws eight times, Rockets penalty during the total increase to 2991 times, beyond yao (Rockets career free throw 2984), in the history of the Rockets penalty ranked fifth on the list. Yao played in 486 games 2984 free throws, Harden on behalf of the Rockets play 299 games to overtake.
Harden again scored 15 points, the Rockets career total score of 8004 points, became the first ten contribution 8000 points for the Rockets players. History of the Rockets is scoring champion hakeem olajuwon, hakeem olajuwon effect during the Rockets get 26511 points. Yao Ming in the Rockets played a total of 9247 points, the history of ranking team scoring sixth.
In the game the Rockets lost to the hornets, Harden, although 12 points and 10 assists two pairs of data, but a poor Stars Patrick Sharp Jersey shooting performance, making 2 of 14 3-pointers in the 5 0. Against the Memphis Grizzlies are rebound opportunities to Harden, he three times this season playing Memphis scored 29 points, shot 53.2%, on November 26, the Grizzlies fell 40 points.
Memphis workers due to injury is very serious, the Rockets win in this game, relaxed and happy, but also because of the Memphis Grizzlies residual matrix strength is too limited, Harden it attack desire is not strong, the mental state some slack. Harden's first section five assists offensive firepower to drive up to his teammates, the Rockets opened the gap soon, Harden played somewhat arbitrary, 6 for 1 in 5 turnovers in the first half.
Harden not professional, it is opponent is too weak, grizzly bears a friendly team in attacking really excites Harden. Until the third quarter, Harden just slightly into the rhythm, surrender the scram back step three points scored. Harden slightly, the game is to waste time, it is so easy. The match strength is too low for Harden, provides a rare opportunity to rest.

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