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And 1, and 2 and 3 gold balls for the legendary Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo! An equally outstanding player on the virtual grass FIFA 15.Buy cheap fifa15 coins on FIFA Coins.

In early 2015, the entire football world was in turmoil for the delivery of the Golden Ball last year. This is indeed FIFA trophy awarded annually to the best player of the past season. Just that. On 12 January, so it's Cristiano Ronaldo, currently under the colors of Real Madrid, who could lift the coveted trophy! Portuguese definitely fits in the legend with the third ball of gold, having already won last year. As he said himself, he's a wake of Lionel Messi, who can always be proud to have been golden ball 4 years in a row! Did you know that Cristiano Ronaldo's son was a fan of ... Leo Messi? A nice rivalry between these two giants of football. If you have relatively little hope of becoming yourself golden ball one day, it is still possible to embody Ronaldo in FIFA 15.

rue to its simulation footballing reputation and getting better year after year, FIFA allows you to take control of a Ronaldo larger than life. Like the original, this player is undoubtedly rank among the best in the EA game. First, it is an extremely versatile player, and who will never fail you. Very complete, Ronaldo is just as comfortable on the left as the right foot. A great added value that places every time devastating strikes. Prodigy with his feet, Ronaldo also knows how to use his head. Indeed, its size is a major asset when it comes to pick the ball up. And when he does not hit the ball, he manipulates with ease and superhuman speed! In short, if Ronaldo is not yet in your dream team of FIFA 15, it is time to recruit. And why not, to play with Messi. Find players FIFA 15 the most cheatés on Coke Zero Gaming Zone. What is your favorite player in FIFA 15?

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