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Leading with excellent performance but also the first one in history

The Warriors 7 wins in a row, and the Knicks has experienced Zach Bogosian Jersey Big & Tall nearly the fifth time in six games. 5 of 17 only had 13 points in the Treasury, Clay Thompson and DE Raymond Green with excellent performance, leading, Thompson made 14 of 18 scored 34 points, made all green 9 had 20 points and 10 rebounds and 10 assists, harvest three double ninth of the season.
After the first world war, with 76 people since the group of "selfish", green said because you want to brush three pairs of data affect the team. Green is not only a positive error correction, and once again proved that seriously promote team play does not affect his three pairs of harvest. The post-war green to nine times three pairs of leading the league this season three pairs list, career, a total of three pairs of 10 times the history of data has risen to the Warriors. 3. Green is the efficiency of the whole cut down three pairs of nine shots, he made history: in the case of more than four shots shooting percentages cut down three pairs, green is the historical first person!
It can be seen even if the projection is ineffective, the Warriors still can pass the project to solve the problem! In the projecting block, but Thompson projection special spirit! Thompson led the Warriors in the first quarter performance with the worst season after a strong rebound.
In 2013, Curry in Madison garden a career high 54 points. Of god of the fire is obviously important to watch the game, but in only 1 of 6 shots before boos in the Curry. Single section 11 points of the Knicks Anthony rate to a wave of 14-0 offensive advantage. First quarter Curry into two 3-pointers, single section eight turnovers Warriors 18-20 still lag behind.
Warriors minimum points record 18 points in the first season. In 3 for 9 affected Thompson, Thompson only 1 first shots.
Derek Williams show domineering dunk, the Knicks in the first paragraph 27-20. Paced Warriors coach cole rare frown at you. Green and Thompson early return change rapidly after the games, green in 2 minutes time 4 assists, Thompson had 10 points in 3 minutes time. The Warriors take for 40-33.
Boer ferry gith section 7 points in time, Anthony scored 6 points, the Warriors under the single section seven assists comb green continues to lead. After derrick Williams scored at the buzzer 3-pointers, the Knicks to 49-55.
Thompson time section 7 of 8 shots scored 17 points, Curry in time section no. Warriors time section 14 of 17 shots, single section 82.4% shooting the season's best record.
Third section has opening on both sides, the Knicks still is more of a square: even lost seven shots, scoring drought appeared 3 minutes. Jump into the ball in the Treasury, Thompson connected to three goals, a mighty wave 9-1 offensive will lead to 64-50.
Curry only 1 of 6 shots in the third quarter, but Thompson continue efficient shot up, single section 5 of 6 to 12 points. At the end of the three Warriors will lead to 82-65.
Iguodala shot 3-pointers, the Warriors in the late 89-67 lead. But the Warriors to 76 the first world war spending 24 points lead the situation seems to appear again: Warriors come up with 3 minutes scoring drought, derrick Williams and sasha vujacic rate the Knicks form 0-9.
Warriors arrangement creation back to the field, Curry and Thompson have goal, failed to clock out ahead of time but also make returns green: green harvest three double ninth of the season!

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