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Liposuction Clinic Partners Launch New Website


Liposuction Clinic Partners has just launched a new website www.LiposuctionClinic.Partners to showcase their range of clinical services offered in Australia. They have seen the need to provide a website offering great insights into their work for prospective clients and at the same time inform their existing clients of additional services and special promotions.

Ms Robyn Steward, Marketing Manager of Liposuction Clinic Partnerssaid, “we did in-depth surveying of clients to arrive at a website solution which suited the array of individual client needs, in order to deliver the most effective web portal.”  She went on to say, “We found that our clients have broad customer interests in the website so the web developer needed to take these into consideration in his design.”

Liposuction Clinic Partnersis based in Sydneybutoperates in other main centers across Australia.  The geo-location functionality interface needed to be robust for user experience on all mobile and tablet devices.

Mr Mulander, consultant web designer for Liposuction Clinic Partners said “our web designers worked hard to incorporate all the technical requirements for gaining Google’s ‘Mobile Friendly’ status.” He went on to say, “Each of the new website functions deliver the experience clients surveyed said they wanted. This is backed up by state of the art hosting to ensure adequate capacity for the anticipated flow of visitors to the site.”

The new website is a reflection of Liposuction Clinic Partnerscommitment client needs and staying abreast of the fast pace of communication technology. The clinic partners are pleased with user experience feedback already received on how comprehensive the website is. This feedback was received from existing and new customers that recently visited the site while it was still in beta testing mode.

About Liposuction Clinic Partners
Liposuction Clinic Partnersmain clinic is in Sydney butoperates in other main centers across Australia. It employs the latest technology and all surgeons are of the highest standing in their respective disciplines.

To learn more about Liposuction Clinic Partners visit the new website:

Media Contact
Ms Robyn Steward
+61 02 8188 4755
Liposuction Clinic Partners
Suite 1D, Level 23
1 Farrer Place
Sydney NSW 2000


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