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"UNKNOWN" PG 13 High schoolers who like spy stories may dive happily into this espionage and assassination thriller, with its European setting, it's middle aged star and its nicotine infused whiff of Cold War cloak and dagger. The violence is awfully graphic and intense for a PG 13, so it's not for middle schoolers. Liam Neeson plays a biologist, Dr. Martin Harris, who flies to Berlin to deliver a speech at a science summit, accompanied by his wife, Elizabeth January Jones cheap mac eyeliner gel . As they're checking into the hotel he realizes he left his briefcase at the airport, jumps into another cab and heads back without telling his wife. He tries to call her from the taxi, but his cell phone doesn't work. Then the cab is in a bad accident. Martin awakes days later in a hospital, his memory shaken and his ID missing. When he returns to the hotel his wife does not recognize him and claims her husband, Dr. Martin Harris, has always been with her the "new" Martin Harris is played by Aidan Quinn . Neeson's Martin begins to wonder if he's going insane. After returning to the hospital, he realizes he truly is the target of a plot when an assassin kills a nurse and tries to abduct him. He gets help from a former East German spy Bruno Ganz , and the cab driver from the accident, Gina mac concealer stick Diane Kruger . As the plot thickens something about a conspiracy to stop a Middle Eastern prince and a biologist from ending world hunger the film grows ponderous, but it's a better than average cerebral thriller most of the way through.

As novel as the Bleach approach may be, it isn't simply a place for punks and hipsters. "Those are the people doing it DIY in their bathroom," says Alex. Get a dip dye, as I did in March, and you start seeing them everywhere: women walking around, flaunting the fact that their colour is not their own.

The look was all over the fall runways seen at Lanvin, Miu Miu and Chloe but beauty products offering and dramatic lashes are hitting shelves now, meaning you can start sporting your spidery eyes now or try learning how to perfect the technique so that you don end up looking like a mascara wand attacked your face.

"There has been a huge difference in what women see as normal," observes Lesley Keane, senior artist at Mac cosmetics. "Hair and make up are seen in the same way as a new pair of shoes as part of a look." Recently, that old clich of women buying more cosmetics during a recession the so called 'lipstick effect' appears to have rung true, with sales climbing in spite of economic gloom. The reality, says Keane, is more complex. "There's a whole new type of style icon. People like Lady Gaga and Jessie J have a specific look."

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