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Another excellent eye shadow that I would recommend is Mac Cosmetics Paint Pots. They have a creamy formula that is long wearing and works great as a stand alone shade as t does as a base for powder shadows, and it helps smooth out creases. My clients love how it opens up their eyes and makes them look refreshed.

Due to launch on Feb. 10, it features subtle tints for your mild mannered daytime alter ego and bold ones for your inner superheroine. The packaging is red and blue with the yellow Wonder Woman logo. Adding to the heroic effect, many of the products are oversized. MAC creative director James Gager explains:

The Fashion Sets collection for 2013 was released as well, and as expected, some amazing shades are available, each is perfect for the current season and are certain to remain popular into the summer. Heroine bright violet purple , Silly bright pink cream , Embrace Me bright fuchsia cream , and Ablaze bright apricot cream are the shades Max Factor Makeup released. Lipsticks, lip glosses, lip pencils nail lacquers, and eyeshadows were released in the aforementioned shades, and they are all limited edition. The fact that the matching products are available, is something that has MAC Cosmetics fans thrilled. The lip products and eyeshadows retail for $15, and the nail lacquers are $16. MAC says of the collection: "Bold brights with a modern edge in four coordinated sets featuring our favorite textures and finishes. The powerful purple of Heroine, the playful pink of Silly, the red hot scarlet of Ablaze and the full on fuchsia of Embrace Me each available in Lipstick, Lipglass, Nail Lacquer and Eye Shadow."

Last week it was announced Garfield would replace Tobey Maguire in the nextcomic book blockbuster. He is one of the latest in a crop of young British talent he's from my hometown of Epsom, actually to make waves in Hollywood. It seems Robert Pattinson who went from bit part in Harry Potter to global uber fame overnight was not a one off. Jamie Campbell Bower, Nicholas Hoult and Tom Sturridge are also ones to watch.

Turtle Wax Black Chrome is a black tinted formula used to restore color and shine to rubber, vinyl and plastic trim on vehicles. Mac Makeup Eyeliner It removes scuffs and discolorations easily once applied. It also helps protect from the harsh effects of weathering. Although it remains a highly sought after product, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find in the United States. If you're a fan of this product and looking for an alternative that is more readily available, look no further. We've compiled a list of similar products that work just as well.

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