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Manchester United in the Premier League so far this season, lost in just 22 balls, buy cheap fifa15 coins on FIFA Coins,was the team conceded a third less, but almost everyone agrees that we must strengthen the United defender signings that has the possibility to re-title race.

Last year, Neiman Ya - Vidic and Rio - Rio Ferdinand and they are far from his best form at Old Trafford last season, but the peak of their career, are world-class defender ; and the young Johnny - Evans, Phil - Jones and Chris - Smolin no further completed one of their own, with a dominant season. Max - Rojo to 16 million euros worth of airborne at Old Trafford last summer, but has since joined the Argentine struggle with the injury, we can only postpone the making of his ability to judge.

Red Devils fans have been looking forward to the club can introduce a heavyweight defender before the end of the season - they have been put Dortmund Matus - Hummels as the best candidate. "Daily Star" that the United German defender will offer 37 million euros, while the "Daily Express" that has been close to a deal.

However, the former Manchester United midfielder Owen - Hargreaves believes signing Hummels would be absolutely wrong. "Hummels is a perfect ball defender, but I do not think his defensive competent Premiership - he is too slow," Hargreaves said.

Hargreaves said, right? Manchester United should take concrete actions to Hummels or find someone else does?

Hummels German team missed only seven games in the Brazilian World Cup race in a field, and in his German team played 507 minutes, the German team only lost one ball. As a captain, he has not been able to from the nightmare of the season to save troubled Dortmund out now Jurgen - Klopp's team has been integral bottom. Hummels beginning of the season took the old captain Sebastian - Kyle's armband, but the Hornets lost 19 games, 11 games, winning only four games.

Meanwhile, the injuries make Germany defender played only 12 times in the league; however, despite Hargreaves suspect the former Bayern youth academy players the ability, I believe, Hummels for Manchester United's defense has many benefits.

Hummels slow - Hargreaves was right; but unless one face of the high-speed flexible attackers, tall defender is slow is not a major problem because of the lack of speed in the defensive position was offset by positioning and defense structure, and position sense is precisely Hummels biggest advantage. This season, he averaged 2.93 steals per game, while Manchester United is entirely possible with a more athletic defender partner for him, as for Chelsea and Arsenal - John Terry and Peter, Pell - Mertesacker done .

Hargreaves believes Hummels will not defend the view also seems exaggerated. He is a German team won the World Cup in the backbone, is also central to the success in recent years Dortmund - he helped the Hornets won two Bundesliga titles and broke into the Champions League final in 2013. This season, he has a 43% success rate of steals, even though it looked a bit low, but even recognized as the Premier League's top defender Vincent - Kompany is only 38%.

Hummels Zhengding success rate reached 65%, which means that he can bring the air defense capability for Manchester United's dominant defense. The overall success rate against him reached 59%, which is higher than any one person Evans, Smalling and Jones.

Hargreaves, although not believe the German defender defensive ability, but also admitted that he had the advantage. Resorted to 3-5-2 when Manchester United this season often tedious showing backcourt Daojiao, mainly because United's three-guard no one has confidence in the ball into the frontcourt from the backcourt, and therefore had to pass laterally.

Hummels this season, averaging 1.42 times extraordinary, he can ball through the midfield, attract opponents out of their defensive position to intercept him. He can also be accurately completed a short pass forward pass when the opportunity arises. Despite his passing success rate of 78%, we can expect him to improve the data at Manchester United. Van Gaal wants his team to play ball tactics, but Dortmund is a small fast spirit of play, and this play is accompanied by more frequent passing errors.

Hummels can help sort out Manchester United this season, often chaotic defense - in fact, many thanks to the low Manchester United conceded Degea brave stable door line performance. Hummels is an excellent defensive organizer. Although he does not seem so good lately, but it is difficult to evaluate how good a team as Dortmund like struggling backcourt core. Overall speaking, the name of the German defender has his weaknesses, but no player is perfect, his arrival at Old Trafford will have to improve the quality of the defense.

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