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If you're not sure what unconditional love feels like, try being grateful for all that is in your life that you tend to grateful for all those in your life who trigger you into less-than-love grateful for all past experiences that caused you grateful for all present conditions you'd rather not experience. Apply the principles discussed above, in which gratitude completes the The Instant Switch Review spectrum of experience and thus the cycle of learning. Be grateful for the contrast and the resistance, for in letting go of the resistance, you gain conscious awareness and greater freedom to access, by will, the good end of the spectrum. In doing this, you will feel your heart expanding and will begin to glimpse unconditional love, and the state of being love in life. Furthermore, gratitude brings wholeness, which confers healing. As gratitude opens the heart--which is the province of miracles--, the effects of developing an attitude of gratitude in life are far-reaching.

"Wholeness is Holy; wholeness is healing. That is the essence of all miracles--physical, mental, financial, and social. Whatever has been torn apart comes back together into a state of wholeness. Love supports wholeness and wholeness support love. Through that common bond, love can heal anything."

Many people wonder how to operate from love in life, and the answer is by way of gratitude. Gratitude is the energy that connects us to the love that we are. Gratitude is love; gratitude for everything is unconditional love. Gratitude is the surest way to merge with the source of creation and to wield its power.

There is no energy or healing process that is more powerful than the application of gratitude, for gratitude is love. As a force of unconditional love, gratitude will activate the hidden workings of the cause and effect of love that operate in the universe, which is expressed in life as being in the grace of God. This force is separate from the usual cause and effect of effort and operates at a higher level of Intelligence referred to as the Holy Center of existence.5 In addition, as Wattles points out, faith is born of gratitude. Faith increases the more we dwell in the love that we are. Faith brings you deeper into the fulfilment energies of what you desire, which confers complete certainty that allows you to surrender the how-to of life and flow in divine guidance and synchronicity. All three energies generate a connection to life that is teeming with vitality and passion, and with passion, you are easily spurred to take bold action when opportunities appear.

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