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Manifestation Miracle - Blinkers Manifesting Mistake

Besides writing daily in your gratitude journal all the blessings that the Universe bestowed upon you, you could also give thanks in the moment that you receive every single gift-even the smallest of them. It could be given thanks when a person holds a door for you, or a friend unexpectedly treats Manifestation Miracle Review  you to lunch. Of course, you would have to thank the person too, and then give thanks to GOD or the Universe in your heart for the very gift you've just been given.This alone will accelerate the flow and manifestation of more good things coming to you. But you must give thanks in a sincere manner and not just words you blur. Just remember what you focus on, expands and increases in your life, and just like you've heard in the movie "The Secret-The Universe Likes Speed". Giving thanks in the moment you receive will speed up the manifestation of your desires, and just in case you forgot to include a particular blessing in your journal, the Universe/God is keeping tabs on your behalf and not missing any items.

First you think, then you speak, then what you have thought and spoken about manifests itself. Does this sound familiar? In the secret it talks about visualizing, affirming with words and then getting on with the work and in time it manifests. In time one has to hold true to the belief that what was visualized and spoken will show up in their lives. If you take a further look you find that not all was created in a day. There was a breakdown of steps in a particular order and there was gratitude in and of the work itself. Sounds to me like a priority system in a particular order of importance. The gratitude shows ones reverence of the work. Lets talk about creation. On the second day God saw his work and it was good. Did he start to stress out because it wasn't completed? Did he start to think ahead and get anxious about the other things that were not yet created? Of course not; it seems he handled one thing after the other and allowed pause in between. I wonder why he allowed a pause in between. Hmm, maybe time to think, rest and reflect of what he had done that day? We do not manifest that quickly. Remember that God has his own time clock and we have another.

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