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"There is an unfortunate lack of interest in turtle well being."[See: How to Protect Against Alzheimer's Disease.]The writing surprised Sherry's daughter, Scott Sandlin.But the feat likely would not have surprised Anne Basting, who is director of the Center on Age and Community at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Basting has pioneered writing and other arts programs for people living with dementia."People look at dementia as loss and deficit. They never assume people with dementia can grow or learn anything [but] that's what we're witnessing: growth and expression and skill building," she said.[See: Getting Better With Age: Seniors Are More Satisfied.]With baby boomers inevitably progressing toward old age and sometimes dementia as well, there is a buy credits for swtor growing need and a growing push for programs that can give meaning to a senior citizen's life as well as reduce strain on the caregiver.It's not just writing programs and storytelling but also dance, music and painting, each of which provides its own particular benefit.Writing, for instance, allows the person with dementia to bypass the world of traditional language, where they may not get the right word at the right time, and slip into their own world of metaphor, Basting explained."It's a benefit to us all because we learn to see the world differently," she said.Dance, drama and singing are all very physical, and so have an impact on physical health, added Hanna.All of these forms of artistic expression foster a sense of community, and may even slow the progression of the disease by breaking through the isolation that can quicken decline.

First of all, she said, people with autism often struggle with a host of acute "sensory sensitivities," turning large crowds, bright lights and loud sounds into big stressors. "Unfortunately, this often limits the kinds of experiences that they can share with their families," she said. The added stimuli of the theater can also exacerbate "stimming" behaviors repetitive fidgeting or calling out that can swtor credits interfere with the experience of other theatergoers..

Also, gangs were a touchy subject. The nation's papers were filled with stories about young people dying in gang violence. And a play featuring Latinos? (The Sharks buy swtor credits were Puerto Rican, allied against the white Jets.) It also was different in a number of ways for the Broadway crowd.

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