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After three weeks of the ball shortage, at San Mames stadium Uruguayan striker broke.Buy cheap fifa15 coins on FIFA Coins.

Neymar remind his teammates to continue to move forward, now is not the time to let down.

Suarez confident

After the league did not break, Suarez scored Sunday at San Mames stadium in three weeks. Uruguayan striker and Lionel Messi, Neymar and Pedro broke while on Sunday, but it was his free Nou Camp 3-1 win over Atletico Madrid's first goal since.

After the game, Suarez said he could not score, "not nervous," but he also said:. "I am a little worried, because I have been conducting self-criticism, I fear not go to help the team."

When it comes to Athletic Bilbao, Barcelona striker said: "We know that this type of competition will be very intense, because they are good at pressuring so we knew we had to be very focused from the outset."

Suarez missed the first opportunity to break his close range header was saved by Iraizoz. Uruguay striker said: "He's the fighting was fantastic, I think the ball is unable to fly into the opponents goal." But after only a few minutes, he broke up.

When asked whether they liked and Lionel Messi, Neymar partner together, Suarez said: "It is an honor to play with them, I just need to enjoy every effort on it."


"It was a tough game in a tough stadium and we start very well, we scored the winning goal to be."

"We are getting good, we have to do so. This is great, but we must continue to strive to achieve to improve."

"In addition to my goal, the most important thing is to help my teammates."

"We can not stalled, we must continue to move forward."


"We are very pleased. This feeling is very good, from the first minute we played very well. We played great strength, rhythm and get the ball very well, our physical condition is very good, we trained very hard, this feels really good. "

"Athletic Bilbao in our backcourt pressure, we caught them in the defense exposed the gap. Although we are unable to get a space in a lot of games like this, when we get the chance to take advantage of our three the strength of the strikers. "

"Goals will help Suarez, especially since he was a shooter. He has played better, but could not score. He needs this goal to help him restore confidence, we are happy for him."

"We can not make mistakes, we are in Anoeta on a mistake, but now we feel good, everything depends on ourselves and our state well, we want to take advantage of this."

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