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Four semi-dwarf rices (Oryza sativa L.) differing in percentage of grain protein, grown in a flooded field receiving basal N fertilization, had a peak activity of root glutamate dehydrogenase 4 weeks after transplanting. A lower peak occurred during panicle formation 10 weeks after transplanting. The percentage of N of the active leaf blades was also highest 4 weeks after transplanting.Fe doping content should be less than the solid solubility limit so that Fe-doped Ge-Sb-Te has both magnetic property and phase change features. Fe-doped Ge-Sb-Te at crystalline state shows p-type conduction and has a high hole concentration. The Ruderman-Kittel-Kasuya-Yosida indirect interaction via carriers is the origin of the ferromagnetism in Fe-doped Ge-Sb-Te.

OBJECTIVE: To identify whether the introduction of carving skis and related equipment has altered the overall injury rate and/or the pattern of injury location.DESIGN: Comparative case series.SETTING: In the winter season of 1997-98, when carving skis began to appear on the ski market, all injured skiers requiring evacuation or medical treatment in 70 Austrian ski areas were recorded. Five years later, when most skiers were using carving skis, ski injury data were collected in a representative sample consisting of 5 ski areas from the first study.ASSESSMENT OF RISK FACTORS: Data collection on injured skiers included subject demographics, weather and snow conditions, mechanism of the skiing accident, the type of ski used, injury location, and in the second study, additionally the date of the last ski binding adjustment.MAIN OUTCOME MEASUREMENTS: Frequency of injured body parts.RESULTS: In 1997-98, 1.43 injuries per 1000 skier days were calculated. Out of 17,914 injured alpine skiers, 29.5% of the injured men and 53.0% of the injured women suffered knee injuries.

Samples from the ileum, colon and faeces were collected every 2 hrs for 8 hrs after feeding, when the calves 1 and 2 were 4 and 9 week-old, respectively. Total water-soluble carbohydrates were determined, then identified by ion-exchange chromatography. In this preliminary work, we only present results on the healthiest calf.

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