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Real Madrid, Barcelona, Ma Jing and Athletic Bilbao, the four clubs and four teams is a Spanish football history the most excellent, the history of the 82 Spanish league season, their 72 summit, in the 113 session of the king’s cup, they won the championship 78 times, these four clubs can be called “the strongest in the history of spain”. As well as then the our website is the best website ever known to purchase the cheap FUT 15 Coins to enjoy the football game for the most part and make sure you have the most amazing time !In the eyes of the media, the four teams have hope of qualifying for the champions 16 strong.

Real Madrid, Barcelona and Ma Jing although encounter like Liverpool, Paris Saint Germain and Juventus the enemy, but does not have the accident, three probability is great.”Daily sports newspaper” focus talk is Barcelona, they believe that Paris will be the biggest rivals Real Madrid Barcelona; pumping is a good sign, they can smile and go to sleep; Atletico encounter enemy Juve, but the top two teams have hope; Bilbao should pay attention to the schedule, avoid heavy light, they of course with the promotion of hope. If the 16 strong in 4 teams from Spain, you will be surprised?

C Luo: miss out Di Maria they strive to defending champions league with Real Madrid.C is also the first time to accept the Canal + interview, “I was nominated, I knew I had a chance to win. I am very confident in myself, because Real Madrid let everything possible. I took the best shooter with the Golden Globes, Real Madrid to win the Champions League and the king’s cup. Even if I can’t win this award, I also very happy.”Spain “Marca” said: “after the draw, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Ma Jing and Bilbao will be satisfied.

“I like challenges, I try to make myself better, I will try again to win the Champions League with real madrid. The team can afford, and I hope that Real Madrid is the Champions League history with the first team to achieve the defending champions league team.” “I miss all the great players leave, Di Maria and Alonso. The chairman than anyone know how to introduce good players, how to maintain the victory.” The newspaper that the Spanish team signed transport in general, but can be satisfied. Most fortunately Bilbao, no traditional teams.

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