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the future will consider War4 and WoW2

World of warcraft's latest expansion "king of draenor" will be call at a couple of days.Buy cheap gold on WOW Gold. Obviously, this is an important moment, though the "warcraft" group of the longer term in where? If we never view the warcraft IV? Will there be warcraft 2 "again? With these problems, the foreign media for top level blizzard conducted a conversation .

First, wow cataclysm release seriously isn't change, even king of draenor after launch, i will (as usual) for a number of patches inside coming months. These times, however, blizzard hopes to faster for the orc world by some fresh things. If all goes well, the king on the new expansion in draenor sold in a year as soon as the launch.

"Our goal is usually to more quickly than previously to launch the expansion," chief designers Ion Hazzikostas at BlizzCon said within the interview that. "I'm sure this topic we've said for decades. You can get back to search for our 2008 - produce your own . on a yearly basis to launch a expansion. But ultimately failed to materialise, 'ok, we will not head to launch a we believe the high quality never have reached the blizzard standard expansion. The expansion cycle is more close to 24 months. However, we've increased the size of our team, we presume we've got is usually to be in a position to progress faster than in the past. Therefore, our goal should be to deliver the expansion towards player's hand."

Naturally, the newest expansion has been doing development, then another expansion can also be in development, it's just progress more slowly. Blizzard is usually aspire to be capable of better fill the gap between your two expansion. Spacing relating to the two large patches of shorter, provide more minotaur of werewolves, Delaney, no matter what rivalry between the people etcetera. Whether good or bad, blizzard appears to think wow continue, allow the cash cow evergreen, there's always between game content of alternate players leave and join. Consequently there'll always be change, prosperity and depression.

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