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The Plan For The Special Day In Human Life


Woodsandprints has been very successful in providing excellent wedding planning services to the people all round Singapore. There are many people who look for these services. Woodsandprints is the best Wedding planner Singapore. This Event company is known for its quality service and the rates are very reasonable. So if you are looking for Events company Singapore then this is the one that you need to look for.

Wedding is one of the special occasion in a human life where two people are united together and there are a variety of wedding traditions around the world. On this special day special garments are worn and people everywhere celebrate the occasion in different style. In some weddings there are special dresses which are worn by the married couples and separate arrangements for the guests. But there are certain wedding planning tips based on that many of the modern families arrange the wedding and the wedding includes a variety of dress collections and some of the latest modern elements.

Some of the wedding plans
• A budget should be set in this special day of life and on that basis the wishes should be done. The budget amount should never be exceeded as there can be some major problems and can give a serious headache to any family. Support from the family or in-laws in case of funding for the marriage can be a boost for the person who is about to wed or else he needs to plan properly his budget if he himself takes all the responsibility.
• A timeline should be set for the planning as this is considered to be one of the most important aspect in wedding. It nearly takes around 12 months to plan anyone’s wedding and if any individual wants to plan the wedding earlier than wedding guide is the best example.
• A list of planning should be made on what and all things should be purchased in the wedding and an invoice should be done properly, which includes the topics regarding the seating arrangements, patterns, the desired clothing, the reception food items and all such stuffs.

Modern wedding elements
• Most of the brides nowadays follow some of the modern elements in their weddings and in the morning of their wedding they wear a wreath of wild flowers in their hair.
• There are many things which the bride carries on the day of their wedding and it includes a bucket full of water, an expensive bouquet and a leaf of shamrock which many people consider it as a symbol of good luck.  A horseshoe and a handkerchief are also carried by most of the brides.

Some attractive wedding dresses
Some of the latest wedding dresses which are worn by the brides are the famous Lace and Bow Wedding Gown, Lush Lace, Strapless embroidered Neck Wedding dress.

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