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A man might tell you a million times that he loves you. However, if his actions consistently speak of disinterest in you or if he consistently takes you for granted, then you need to be on your guard. The old quotation that "actions speak louder than words" is definitely a very meaningful one. While you do need to understand that there might be some extenuating circumstances that prevent The Tao Of Badass your man from showing you as much love as you would want to, if this becomes a habit you definitely need to watch out. If you are the one who always ends up having to initiate romantic moments or do things to keep the relationship alive, then in all probability your man does not view himself as being part of a relationship with you and just views you as a fling.

You do not have to put your man under a microscope, scrutinize his every move and psycho-analyse everything he says or does. However, it is good to take a periodic realistic view of how things are between both of you in order to avoid being just a fling to him. It is a well-known and accepted truth that men love women who have lives of their own. A man will respect you more if you can prove to him that he is not the sun in your solar system that your whole life revolves around. While you do not need to be a blue-stocking or a cold, independent woman, balancing out your relationship with your man while having a life of your own will earn you his respect.

The truth is that the women who end up as a fling to men usually have some common characteristics - they tend to be insecure, needy and live in a world that consists only of their man. They have no life apart from their man, and therefore tend to turn a blind eye to the facts even if they are just being used by him. Be a confident woman with a life of your own. Have your own circle of friends and spend some time away from your man socialising periodically. All of this will show your man that you are not a person with whom he can trifle, and you will be less likely to be treated as a fling.

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