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Thought Elevators Book The Great Tower at Kura

There was, as you may have already come to Thought Elevators Review this conclusion, no god--that's right--there was no God to speak of in this all-inclusive world order. The term for God, or deity, was never used, not prior to the great flood at least, not by the governing group from the Atlantic, not out-loud in Kura for the most part. If there was a supernatural being, very little was known of him, and where he was? If there was a secret society, it was taken out of the textbook that was found, that I Shark found, in the hollow of the Shark Mound. No one saw him [Him: being God]: and if they prayed to him, so be it, He evidently didn't listen, and if He did, no one told the neighbors--no one knew what was on his mind, this God that people sometimes said never existed, if anything was on their minds for the salvation of the world it was the Atlantic Group whom wanted to be worshiped for the most part. There were rumors of course, of a God long ago, but then, there are always such things, is that not so: it was how they thought.

And so, there was not a God or a devil or for that matter, politicians, not even a military--as I have already mentioned, as one might expect a city-state to have; yet, there were what was called Watcher's, or Regulator's whom would bring you in front of an elected judge--that being, the Abolitionist of Kura would do this, but only if the crime was against the Atlantic Group, which was not excusable--for death lingered shortly after ones crime, and that was normally the judgment, no one fed a criminal either, it was not economically worthy to have done such a pathless feat: feed the enemy with your hard earned money, gold and pensions, for what, to have them rob or abuse the law again, it was better to rid society of the mess and work with the productive; if not needed for strenuous labor that is, in gold mines or in other such places.

And to be quite frank, very few got this privilege, and if they did work, they worked free the rest of their lives, if somehow allowed them to earn money along the way they could pay back their freedom if the slave owner was willing. This was all of course in agreement with the democracy. If it was against the city-state, the judge could judge it. Or the king of the province, or city-state for that matter: that is, they could hear it, and judge it. If the crime was against the Atlantic Group, s/he died and that was it (there was no favorites).

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