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which has been witnessed in many Western countries

With shifting gender relations in the world in fifa 15 coins general, and in Korea in particular in the 1980s, social institutions began to open their gates to women. Laws and regulations were enacted in support of these social changes and women’s movement organizations became active in supporting women’s right to participate in activities and occupations that have been traditionally regarded as unsuitable for women. The construction of national gender equality is the basis for the growth of women’s sport, which has been witnessed in many Western countries. However, the growth of women’s sport in Korea experienced a different pattern, mainly because of the unique character of the gender inequality in Korean society, which has been discussed in the previous section.

There have been neither laws or regulations nor any effort of women’s organizations to eliminate gender inequality in Korean sport. Instead, a global women’s football boom accompanied by international matches such as the Women’s World Cup provided a direct stimulus for the growth of women’s football in Korea. The failure to construct a basis for women’s football in the 1980s in accordance with FIFA’s suggestion was not just because football was not seen as a women’s sport in Korea, but rather because women’s football did not have the opportunities or the exposure likely to enhance national prestige at an international level. It was hard to promote national glory through football when there were no international games except in European countries. However, the sport started to have the possibility of serving ‘sport nationalism’, as goodwill matches led to a number of international games such as the Women’s World Cup and women’s football in the Summer Olympic Games. With the prospect that women’s football would have a better chance of ranking higher on the international level than men’s, the fortunes of women’s football started to rise.The biggest outcome (of Toto Cup) is that the possibility to proceed to the final eight in 2003 China World Cup. Since we have plenty of time until the game, I’m going to set the plan out carefully and push it forward.

When women’s football was officially adopted at the Beijing Asian Games in 1990, there was no women’s football team—professional or national. The Korean sports authorities decided to form a women’s team with athletes from other sports such as tae kwon do, hockey, and athletics and send the team to the Games. The result was defeat in all matches against Japan, North Korea, China and Taiwan. Nevertheless, this appearance of women’s football at the international level had a great influence on the development of women’s football in Korea. Colleges and corporations started to launch women’s football teams through the 1990s and the first annual national women’s football event, the Queen’s Cup, was held in 1993. With these changes, the ability of Korean female footballers was demonstrated in the 1995 Asian Cup in Malaysia where they won fourth place.

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