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Why Nothing Beats the Weber Genesis Gas Grill

That being said, the S-330 really has quite a bit of room to cook on and the additional side burner is great for things like boiling water and sautéing onions and peppers, although I am not sure just how often I would use it. I think that I just like having a side burner on my grill just VO Genesis in case I need it because I entertain a lot, but you may not need it as many people do not really use this feature of the grill that often. Another feature is the Sear Station which is said to help sear steaks and other cuts of meat like nothing else. I can see how this feature would be great to use although I have not tried it out yet on this grill. I have heard other people that I know rave about this burner and love how it helps them control how their steaks come out so I am really excited to try it out.

While I really love this grill, there is one thing about it that I don't really like... keeping it clean. The fact that it is made out of stainless steel is great, but if you have ever tried to keep stainless clean you can see how it could be a pain. Stainless shows finger prints and smudges really well, which is not really a bad thing considering it is outdoors, but it is a little annoying. The 1800's witnessed the birth of Western Science and the technological advancements that followed have aided modern theorists in the argument for Evolution. Today, Evolution theory is necessary for this technologically evolving society that has left deities and dragons for quasars and black holes. The evolutionary universal theories are constantly changing with technology and the recent consensual movement from a stable state theory to an unstable one is now in doubt by more than a few leading scientists.

From the big bang theory to DNA, science has been able to compartmentalize various theories of creation and isolate their research in order to focus on the details. They are all in search of identifiable proof using particle accelerators and radio telescopes to search for the origins of life. The energy that binds the universe at the microscopic level is still invisible and unidentifiable. They equate the reasoning behind subatomic phenomena as 'the promise." They say that all matter behaves in a reliable manner and is consistent by a universal "commitment" to the rules of physics. Whose rules? Astrophysicists probe the galaxies in search of the end but cannot find it. They understand that gravitational and thermodynamic forces are isolated in space by an invisible ether or galactic dark matter. Scientists are now calling this dark matter the "God particle." Science constantly changes the grammar it uses to appropriately convey the current ideas under exploration.

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