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Why There Should Be a European Super League?

It’s actually a no brainer.Buy cheap fifa15 coins on FIFA Coins. The big European leagues – EPL, La Liga, Serie A – are already super leagues with excess baggage. You can find the odd team like Atletico Madrid that shines for a few years prior to flaming out or a Russian gazillionaire who fancies a flutter on a football club and buys the points, but essentially it’s the identical teams at the top of the big boys tables every year. It’s high time to just admit it and make everything official. Chelsea’s thrashing of Swansea on Saturday was a case in point. Even the noisy Welsh fans, protective of their teams to a fault, had to admit the Swans were outclassed. Observing the slaughter I finally recognized what it should be like to watch ice hockey and be so bored you want to see a battle to brighten things up.

Diego Costa nearly obliged prior to he thought better of it and obtained another goal instead. Eden Hazzard ran so many rings around the full back the guy must have walked home backwards. Sure, Real Madrid lost to Atletico in the cup last week but that’s what cups are for. Just because the MK Dons bests a leading team like Southampton in the FA Cup does not make them the better group. Keep the FA Cup and the Copa Del Rey. They’re fun to watch but the actual big money competition would be relegation/promotion fights from the feeder domestic leagues to the “Super League”.

Who would like to watch Burnley unless you live there? Have you been to Burnley? Precisely. I’m sure it’s a beautiful place to live for those that do, but it’s not Barcelona is it? Probably costs the same on the train to get there from London as it does to fly to Munich and the beer glasses are bigger. It’s a difficult life as a pro these days; training sometimes dribbles on after lunchtime, there’s no indoor parking for the Lambo and the EPL training grounds are generally in even more godforsaken places like Chadwell Heath and Melwood. How’s a gamer going to build up enough air miles to take the wife on holiday to Ibiza in the summer?

When’s the last time Tottenham Hotspur won the Premier League? Or Everton, West Brom, Aston Villa, Crystal Palace, QPR, Southampton, Newcastle, Sunderland, Stoke? Who really wants to watch Shakhter Karagandy unless you live there? Okay the Kazakhstani team did not quite pull through to the Champions League. It was pipped at the post by Celtic, hardly a giant of the European game these days. But what is a group from Kazakhstan doing almost stepping into the premier European team competition? Burnley is probably favorably Parisian in contest with Shakhter Karagandy.

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