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"Supernatural" nutrition is essentially important... Boasting your immune system with anti-oxidants and alkalizing your body aides the innate, God-given ability of your body to heal itself and stay healthy!

We are celebrating Holistic Wellness and Health, "Discover The Way of LOVE!"... We are encouraging you to SHARE YOUR TESTIMONIES AND EXPERIENCES with healing in the Comment Section below... This is your opportunity to assist others through our HealingxChange for family, friends and everyone served by Holistic Wellness and Health Services. Please, do not hesitate to share products, services and information that will keep everyone "Healthy, Wealthy and Wise!"

Our Holistic Wellness Network provides a refreshing approach to health education and wellness coaching... Low cost services and products are introduced! Every active Wellness Network Member (WNM) is automatically entered into a FREE raffle, starting June 1, 2009. Each drawing will be held at our Los Angeles Area Wellness Celebrations on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month. (See EVENTS tab above) Winners need not be present!

Samples, contest prizes and raffled gifts are presented to fortunate participants! One blessed individual will receive up to 90% of an offering collected from all involved; not cash, but services are paid directly from the "Benevolent Fund"! This fund supports legitimate health, educational and social service needs. An application must be filled out, qualifications met and approved for funding to take place.

In order to support our "Benevolence" raffle, your freewill donations are appreciated. Making any amount of donation on a monthly basis to our nonprofit, Loving to Learn Clinics and Centers - Health, Education and Social Services Association, is 100% tax deductible, lowering your tax liability each year. PayPal is a secured online system, accepting all logo debit and credit cards... You will receive a PayPal certified receipt, immediately following the transaction.

Please Donate by Clicking Here

You will recieve savings, benefits and privileges when you donate $100 Annual Membership Dues to Loving to Learn Association - CLICK HERE. After donating your membership fee with regularly monthly donations of any amount, you are an Associate Wellness Member (AWM) with benefits, and no longer a Wellness Network Member (WNM). You can become an Honorary Wellness Member (HWM) if you pay your membership dues for three consecutive years and make consistent monthly contributions of any amount. All HWM participants have the opportunity to sit on our board of trustees, and as trustees, assist us in planning the direction of Holistic Wellness and Health Services. Doing so will help us to provide wellness celebrations, health education services and community resource/referral information for those who are in need.

You can reach the following Wellness Member (WM) Levels as Contributors to our nonprofit: PlatinumWM $10,000+ –
GoldWM $7,500 – SilverWM $5,000 – BronzeWM $2,500 – DiamondWM $2,000 – RubyWM $1,500 – PearlWM $1,000 – SapphireWM $600 – EmeraldWM $300

Remember, share and exchange information about what works for you! If you have any questions, email or call. For further information, go to our DISEASE PREVENTION tab above! The latest in information for your health and wellness may be found in this section. If you can't find your topic or the information you need, please email us. We will provide up-to-date research For Your Information (FYI),,,

If you are interested in hosting a Wellness Celebration, sharing information/services/products or volunteering, give us a call at (323) 73-LIGHT (5-4448). Thank you!

Let Jesus Have Your Worries!
”Discover The Way of LOVE!”, Loving to Learn Association

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